Friday, November 19, 2010

Dirty Half Course preview

Right now it looks like the weather will be permitting a course preview on the new Dirty Half course this Sunday morning at 9am. It will also permit you to wear your warm gloves, hat and jacket since it's going to be cold. We will meet at BreedLove Guitar which is the building directly south of the Summit High School track.
Two options on distance. Either do the whole course, or if you'd rather, there is a simple way to make it 10 miles instead of 13.1 (we'll share that on Sunday morning). We hope some of you will brave the cold and join us. If we do by chance get a lot of snow, check this blog for updates. See you there.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dirty Half Going Forward

As most of you have heard the Footzone Dirty Half as we know it is done, over, never to return. After a few really good meetings with the Forest Service we think we have come up with a great alternative. If this has perked your curiosity come join us for a preview of the new digs on Sunday the 21st of November. Meet at Breedlove guitars at 8am. If there is buttloads of snow we will not go so keep checking with the FZ if is going for sure. No aid on this one so bring your water, gels, left over Halloween candy. Or if your running is like mine and you don't have the miles get a last mountain bike ride in before the snow piles up. I will get a map up ASAP so if you can't make the preview you can head out on your own.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Learn to Run - Wrapping Up and Starting Again

Last night was great watching this latest Learn to Run group finish a 5K. Drake Park was spectacular with leaves all changing and some great light. To say that this program has exceeded all expectations would be an understatement. Perhaps even more impressive is the community of running buddies and friends that has developed and continues to build. Yes, this is a program we should have done a decade ago but sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. The groups we're huge in the beginning (probably too big) but have become much more manageable going forward.
Certainly the program provides support and motivation but it also offers up the appropriate tangible info to get people going. Connie leads the group through running form and helps create the body awareness that will help make running comfortable and less prone to injury. The "running manual" alone is filled with worlds of running info Huge kudos to Connie for making this program what it is. Her energy and passion for getting folks started is contagious and helps keep everyone going.

So, what happens now? Well the next program starts up on Saturday at 9am right here at FootZone. It's a 6 week program to get folks ready for the Jingle Bell Run. The Wednesday group run will continue. This group meets at 5:30 for a run every Wednesday that an LTR session isn't in session. All are welcome. Since there won't be another evening LTR session until Spring, you can count on seeing some Learn to Runners at FootZone for all foreseeable Wednesdays. This is a great way to get in an after work run with a group during the darker months.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Comfort Sale

The Annual Comfort Sale is here. This is a yearly sale on all the footwear we carry other than running and walking shoes. Why do we carry those, some might ask? There are a few reasons. Originally it was because we needed something to help carry us through the winter months when we don't sell as many running shoes (back when Bend was only 30,000 people) Anymore, it's because Teague just can't help himself and it's fun to have some perspective on "other" shoes. The two sides actually complement each other quite well and now lots of running specialty stores have branched out into the casual shoe world.
We have great lines including Dansko, Merrell, Vibram FiveFingers, Keen, Terra Plana, Bogs, and Chaco. Some are just for fun but others meet the rigors of standing on your feet all day or traveling the world.
Running and walking shoes are still where our heart is but great footwear is great footwear and there's a lot of options for 20% off over the next 4 days.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flagline 50K Wrap-up

Results are here

I think if you asked the participants at the inaugural Flagline 50K, most all would say it was a great success. The weather was perfect, not too cold at the start, pleasant on the course, and warm at the finish. The course itself was pretty spectacular highlighted by some extensive time on Flagline and Metolius but even FS road 370 was nice. The course was all runable (doesn't mean we ran it all) but plenty challenging with some good climbs up Flagline and out of Happy Valley on Metolius Windigo. Colleen from FZ took over the aid stations and did it in style. She rallied an amazing group of volunteers and had a full spread of food and essentials to keep all the runners fueled (see cowgirl aid station picture)

There was a course issue for the first 12 runners near the end as a volunteer thought the course was marked wrong and sent them down toward Todd Lake instead of back up to the Flagline connector. Obviously, a very unfortunate turn of events, but it was an honest mistake. Fortunately, the runners were very gracious and basically worked out the finishing results along with the folks at USATF. SuperDave did his best to make it right by refunding those were led off course and comping their entry for next year. Fortunately, 80% of the runners (myself included) weren't effected since they got it figured out.

Overall, I come away very appreciative for the time that Dave and all the volunteers put in to make this possible. It's a huge undertaking and lots of hours out there waiting so a bunch of us can go out and test ourselves. 50K is a long way and I'm impressed with everyone out there. Good fun. Thank you and Congrats -Teague

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Conservation Alliance - Bend Backyard Collective

FootZone is a proud member of the Conservation Alliance and next Tuesday (Sept. 28th) is the Bend Backyard Collective. It's a work party out in Skyline Forest followed by lunch at Shevlin Park.

If you want to join in, please email asap and we'll make sure they have lunch for you. Should be a good time!

Here's the schedule

8:30am: meet at Shevlin Park (south side of Shevlin Park Road)
9-12:30: work party at Skyline Forest
1pm: lunch is served at Aspen Meadow, Shevlin Park
1-2pm: Conservation Alliance Grantee Fair/raffle/announcements

What to bring: Sturdy footwear, long pants, raingear, sunscreen, warm layers, work gloves, loppers or hand saw (if you have them), water.

FootZone (via the Dirty Half, supported by the local running community) has raised $100,000 for the Deschutes Land Trust as they try to create a community forest on much of the forest between Bend and Sisters. This is a good opportunity to get out there and see all of the potential. h

Monday, September 13, 2010

Flagline 50K

Map is out for Flagline 50K. You can read Dave's message. Of course it would have been nice to have the map sooner but don't give Dave too much grief. He had a course a month ago but once he was able to get out on it (after Flagline opened) he wasn't happy with it. He kept trying til he got it right and now it's a sweet 50k course that Central Oregon can be proud of. Colleen from FZ has stepped in to take over the aid stations. She's a veteran of 18 ultras herself and is putting together a group to make sure everyone is well taken care of. So, a little late, but this is all shaping up to be a great 50K. If you've got those miles in your legs, come and join the fun!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just get out the door

This morning I get to steal a few hours for a long run up in the mountains. Part last long run before the Flagline 50K, part just taking the opportunity before the snow flies. The summer came late and feels like it's leaving early but that's how it usually goes in our High Desert home. I love fall and have no problem with the cold mornings and unsettled weather but it does make it a little harder to motivate. This is that time of year where I'm happy to have years of running in my body so I know to just get out the door. Just get out the door and you'll be happy you did, you'll remember there's no bad weather, just wrong clothes. Just get out the door... and have fun. Cheers-Teague

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cascade Lakes Relay

We're happy to report that both FootZone teams in the Cascade Lakes Relay had a great time (relatively speaking) and were all smiles at the finish line.
The FootZone/Rebound/MountainHardwear team rocked it. They're a fast crew and won the relay for the 3rd straight year. We're proud to have this crowd wearing the FootZone name. Partially because they're fast. but mostly because they are such a quality group. They're real people in the community raising kids, teaching kids, working in the medical field, banking, researching, etc. They're so fun Jill Gozdowski came all the way back from teaching in Italy so she wouldn't miss out. Just so happens that they're fast and willing to work at it... Very stong work!
The "In the Zone" team is headlined by Melanie and Tonya here at FootZone. Sure, they might have organized this just to get out of the bulk of the sidewalk sale but we won't hold that against them. Actually, this is their second year and they ran great and had lots of fun (despite the expected hurdles). Again, just a great group of people out there running through the night. Oh yeah, they're super fast too. They finished a more than respectable 27th overall and looked pretty fresh at the finish sitting under a shade tree eating pizza and drinking beer.

Great job by all and thanks for helping to give the FootZone a good name. We've received lots of thanks from these folks for supporing their teams but I'd say "Thank You" to all of them for being so worthy (not to mention all the support they've given us over the years). Cheers-Teague

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green Lakes Trail is (almost) clear of snow!!

The word on the trail is that with exception to a few patches of snow, a couple of mildly-swift creek crossings, and "don't worry you can outrun them" mosquitos, the Fall Creek to Soda Creek (AKA Green Lakes Loop) is OPEN!!! It's one of our favorite trail runs, encompassing 12-ish miles of some of the most beautiful scenery with expansive views of Broken Top and South Sister. Enjoy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dirty Half Pics

Check it out if you're interested in some Great Dirty Half Pics

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Montrail and Merrell

I just spent a couple days in Portland seeing some lines and attending a buying show. My trip started off with a beautful run in Forest Park. If I had to live in a heavily populated area again, I think being close to those trails would sure ease the pain.

Next was a visit with the product crew at Montrail. This brand has been a bit of an enigma for me ever since they were acquired by Columbia (OK, even before they were acquired by Columbia). Montrail to this day has some cache as a trail brand despite the fact that they really haven't put out anything all that spectacular for some time. Some would say they never have, but shoes like the Vitesse, Leona Divide and Hardrock were at least so unique and loved enough by some to make Montrail legitimate. The thing Montrail always did was sponsor trail runs and ultra runners before that was popular, thus they will forever be dear to some hearts. So, we've carried Montrail for 14 years but the last 3 have been mighty lean. They're starting to have a little success with a couple shoes but generally, they suffer by comparison to the other trail shoes out there. I wanted to go and meet with them for a couple reasons: 1. They have a tremendous product team in place with lots of guys who really understand the running market and have been involved in executing some great shoes with other companies. 2. So far, I haven't seen that team putting out the caliber of product I would expect.

Well, I found out that there are some shoes coming. Those hoping this will be the Montrail of old can forget about it. These guys don't plan to make any ultra stout, borderline bricks anymore. However, they do have some pretty runable shoes coming for Spring 2011. The new Fairhaven isn't necessarily going to wow anyone but is probably the best fitting, most approachable product from Montrail in years. The upper fits extremely well and the ride is simple and good. This is a fairly typical stability shoe but the ride is really balanced and they didn't mess too much with the midsole/outsole so it seems to transition really well. The Rogue Racer is a shoe they've been working pretty closely with Max King on and it's good (not great). It fits like a track spike and has a simple, fairly low profile platform that again, transitions pretty well. My only complaint is that the platform doesn't marry the upper all that well. It probably should be a little more flexible and pliable. Still, this is a worthy addition. All in all, I'm encouraged that Montrail is heading in the right direction. I'd love to think they could be a viable brand for us again.

Moving on to the show wasn't quite as much fun. It was less running product and more casual brands. Little did I realize I was in for a surprise. I've been wondering who would take a more conventional approach to what Fivefingers has started (ie. make a regular looking shoe that is ultra minimalist). I know Inov-8 has some great product for Spring 2011 but was surpised to find that Merrell is right in the mix. There's a backstory here. Merrell is one of the brands that Vibram approached to manage/distribute FiveFingers but they said no (along with several other companies). Well, Vibram has gone back to them and contributed their minimalist expertise to help Merrell execute some great looking product for Spring 2011. The key product is a seriously minimalist active/running shoe with a great fit and decent look. This product just makes a lot of sense and I can't wait to have it in the shop (See Photo of Men's and Women's style). They're also making a Men's casual/leather style and a women's Mary Jane that are great in different ways. They'll be a nice option for those seeking that minimalist lifestyle who don't want to have to talk about their shoes everytime they go to the grocery store. It was a good trip, I love new product and am glad to see that some new (old) players might soon be in the mix. Cheers-Teague

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up!

A few shout outs this Monday morning--

First off, nice work to all who participated in the Redmond's Dry Canyon run! It sounds like it was a fun event. The results are posted at

We also wanted to congratulate Max King for his performance this past weekend in Gorham, New Hampshire for the USA Mountain Running Championships. Max came in 5th overall in a challenging course which ran 7.6 miles from the base of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, up an "unrelenting 12 percent grade to the 6,288-foot summit!"

Finally, a great job to Bendites Jeff Browning and Ashley Nordell in completing Wyoming's Bighorn 100 mile race. Jeff was 3rd overall with a time of 20hrs. 34 mins, and Ashley was the 1st female with a time of 23hrs 49 mins. Wow! It gives me a sideache and blisters on my feet just thinking about it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

DH 2010

Just wanted to take a second and thank some folks for helping pull off another great Dirty Half yesterday. Yes the day is for the runners and there were many great accomplishments that were made along side some blistering records set. But everyone who ran yesterday should be aware so some great efforts behind the scenes by very kind and hard working folks that make the day a success.

Lea Hart with her daughter Denali pulled off a great registration process and packet pick up. Lea puts a ton of work into the DH and has made the race better by keeping me largely out of the registration process. She kept everyone in right spots and kept track of over 90 transfers which isn’t easy.

Jason Mattox aka Assbag. For the past 6 years he has been my right hand set up man. Loads the van, unloads the van, marks course, sets up PA, pre rides course, and everything in between. He had some 10+ hour days and never complains.

Lisa Bagwell and her husband Gary from the Deschutes Land Trust did a great job organizing all the volunteers. This is a very important job that made my job easier and the race better since the Land Trust has taken it on.

Drew Holmes the guy has followed all the runners on his bike and picked up course markings for the past two years.

Curt Ringstad and Tonya Littlehales have done stellar jobs organizing aid stations over the years.

My mom and dad for organizing the food tables every year.

Mitch Thompson and his wife Janelle for meeting me out at the start at 5am to help with set up and course pre ride.

Mike Smith who donated his time and sweet 83 Toyota truck to get all the garbage and recycling to the Knott transfer station.

And to all the folks who names I can’t remember but took care of the following jobs
Parking, shuttles start line, finish line, aid stations, bike corral, and beer garden, finish area water, bag drop, clean up, and prize distribution.

Without these people donating time the Dirty Half would not be what it is.

Thank you,

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Form

It was a late night at FootZone last night. That's not uncommon for the second Tuesday of the month when Steve Leary is at the shop. He and I often find ourselves chatting long after the last customer has left talking about biomechanics, running form, shoes, injuries, etc. Last night, Steve did a clinic for USAFITBend. A couple months ago, he did a great running form clinic for the entire FootZone staff. We appreciate his knowledge and his time.

I think its fair to say there has been a shift in how runners think about form in the past few years. The pursuit of better form has generally been associated with getting faster. Nowadays, there is unbelievable interest in improved form to reduce injury, increase enjoyment and hopefully allow us more longevity as runners. Surprisingly, there aren't that many resources out there to help improve form. There's lots to read and take in online but as far as nuts and bolts help with making form more efficient, not that many people feel qualified. Coaches know some drills and certainly understand principles of training and how to apply those but generally that's for people who are already pretty efficient in their running. So the question: should you try to mess with a runner's form? There's plenty of debate on this but the convential wisdom has shifted form "probably not" to "probably". You can't take everyone and just make them a midfoot/forefoot striker. However, you can probably apply some very basic ideas and create improvement for most runners.

This is something I'm pretty engaged with these days. People want to run for health and fitness and they want to get better at it. Lot's of folks across the nation have come into running who didn't grow up with it. Some of them didn't grow up with activity at all. The struggle is that to truly improve form you really have to be balanced and have enough strength to engage the core. That can be a struggle for the decades long runner and the new runner alike. Like so many things, there is no magic pill. However, I do think there are some opportunities to improve the information that's available. Stay tuned...Teague

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dirty Half Info

Here is a link to the Dirty Half website. It has important race information regarding the race such as corse map, participant list, and lots of other stuff.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chi Running Chi Walking Clinic Postponed

I just received a call from Keith McConnell and we are going to have to postpone the Chi Running/Chi Walking clinic for another weekend. Unfortunately, Keith is under the weather and not able to make it over from Eugene. Keep an eye on our events calendar for the rescheduled date. In the meantime, here's a link to his website to offer you more info:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wild Canyon Games June 4~6

If anyone has ever been interested in participating in a geocaching event the WILD CANYON GAMES will be help on JUNE 4-6. It's a 7 member team event and they are looking for key athletes that can represent Bend and that will bring back the word to the community how AWESOME this event is!!

There are over 400 athletes from the Northwest signed up, but not very many from Bend and they have a free spot for a runner ($400 VALUE- ROOM, BOARD, EVENT & CONCERT on Saturday Night). If you're interested the local team needs to fill the spot ASAP- so if you know of anyone that would be great, or even runners that know how to geocache, they need 2 more geocachers/runners too!!

If you're intertested please call or email Nancy at the contact info below. She emailed me this morning and needs to fill the spot immediately. Here's the website for more info: Check out the video too... Uff dah!! Good times.

Nancy's contact information is:
Nancy J. Hackbarth
2514 NW Goodwillie Ct
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 390-8379

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Strengthen Your Feet!

We had a great clinic at our employee meeting last month from Deb Bowen at Rebound Pilates. She's had a lot of issues with her feet and has great exercises to help strengthen the feet, reduce injury, and improve balance. We understand that most aren't thinking about stronger feet for your running, but you probably should be. If your feet are functioning and firing your going to be a more efficient runner. Anyway, we all loved her clinic and she's kind enough to come and do one for all of you! This Saturday, May 22nd at 9am join Deb here at FootZone for a free foot strengthening clinic. Staying healthy long-term as an active person is a bit of a puzzle and this is one of the pieces. Come and check it out!

Monday, May 17, 2010

INOV-8 Wear Testing Tomorrow

If you're interested in trying out some Inov-8’s tomorrow night, here’s the skinny:

This is for folks who are interested in purchasing a pair of Inov-8’s. The whole idea is that Inov-8’s really are a little different than other shoes so this will give you that chance to try them out before you buy. If you try them and don’t like them, we get to send them off to Inov-8 for wear testing. If you try them and do like them, you buy them and enjoy your new shoes. We want everyone to try the shoes but out of respect for Inov-8, we ask that you do so in good faith.

If you are interested, try to be at FootZone around 5:15 to get sized up and ready to go. Stock is limited so first come, first serve. We're doing this in conjunction with the Tuesday workout but you don't have to do the workout in order to try the shoes. You can just go for a run if you'd rather.

Plus… We’ll have some Inov-8 goodies and a pair of shoes to raffle off. YeeHaw!!!

We have several different styles including…

Talon 212 – This thing is super light with great traction and a surprising amount of cushioning (for how light it is). Great minimalist trail shoe, trail racing shoe or TPG Drake Park shoe. Built on the Inov-8 2 arrow midsole which is the lowest, lightest one they offer. This is Teague’s favorite and gaining traction as possibly the premier minimalist trail shoe out there.

Roclite 295 - You get a touch more shoe here (83 grams more to be exact). The 295 is built on the 3 arrow midsole giving it a little more protection under foot. It has the sticky rubber outsole and a more accommodating fit in the forefoot. Lots of folks could use the 295 as a lighter trail option, an everyday trail runner, or a racing shoe.

Roclite 268- This is the women’s fit of the shoe above. Most of Inov-8’s shoes are unisex so it’s good that they came out with a women’s specific option.

Terroc 330 – Our beefiest Inov-8, the 330 is still pretty low to the ground and nimble but has a lot of protection underfoot. This is a great running shoe for many and doubles as a solid hiker for the low profile, nimble crowd.

F-Lite 220 - This is basically the same as the 212 but with a different outsole. Unfortunately, Inov-8 is out of stock in this shoe so our sizes are a little spotty but it’s one to keep in mind if you want a minimalist offering without aggressive tread or a great low profile workout shoe.

If anyone has any questions feel free to contact

Friday, May 14, 2010

Brooks Symposium

Sorry for the pitiful blogging of late. Busy Spring which is great... but that's no excuse. Colleen and I are in Seattle right now for the Brooks Symposium. They bring about 50 specialty running stores up for the weekend to learn and have some fun. We just spent the day at the Brooks HQ and had a ball seeing new product (for Spring 11), learning more about biomechanics, seeing all our friends at Brooks and drinking some of the kool aid.

Brooks is a cool company in many ways. Great work place, good people but most importantly, they make great shoes. The new product looks great and it's fun to see some of their development process. It's very involved and shows why they consistently execute such great product. Lot's of great product but I'm most excited about a new Cascadia that's a full ounce lighter with a phenomenal fit. I hear it's beautful in Bend, hope you're enjoying it.

Run Happy! (Brooks catch phrase)-Teague

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Horse Butte 2010- Kickin it Eastside

It all looked pretty shaky on Friday when the snow was falling and it looked more wintery than most of Winter. Fortunately, despite our collective trepidation, Saturday was pretty nice out at the ole Horse Butte 10 miler. Many of you know that we hold HB in the highest esteem. It's not flashy, you have to pass the dump to get there, and the area probably gets more traffic to shoot guns than it does to run or ride. Oh, and there really hasn't been a single pleasant spring morning for this event in all it's years. Even so, it brings out a hearty crew for some great single track and a fun early season trail run. Several years ago we introduced the Oregon Country Beef hot dogs and are proud to have converted a few vegetarians (not that there's anything wrong with that) and generally increased the caloric and fat intake of the local running community. Sidenote: if you ever go purchase these on your own, DO NOT look at the nutritional info.

As for the run, this had to be the best year yet. The weather was decent, the course was perfect, the finisher prizes were homemade by Kathy Harshburger, and the hot dogs and beer were good as ever. Oh, and the race was pretty interesting to boot. The long awaited Max King/Andy Martin race finally took place. Max came out on top, got a course record, and had a great get up (or is that gitty up). Obviously no shame in any of that. Max is fast, Andy is fast, but still fun to see them go head to head. Paul Parsons was third overall and fourth place Masters which earned him a custom embroidered Horse Butte Snuggie (got to love SuperDave). Kudos to Jeff Browning for taking 4th and for riding his bike out there.

On the ladies side it was quite the finish with Kristen Riley taking first only seconds ahead of Amy Freeman. Both of these women have pretty strong FZ links since Kristen works at the shop occasionally and Amy is Rob's fiancee. Ahna Jura had a strong 3rd place finish and Connie Austin took the honors in Master's (complete w/snuggie). The snuggies we're great but Max and Kristen did both walk away with embroidered western shirts (more great SD touches)

Of course, those are just the fast folks and there are great stories all around. Everybody seemed to be smiling at the finish (or at least a few minutes after they finished).

Thanks to all the volunteers, to SuperDaveand Superfit Productions for an awesome event. We're proud to be a part at FootZone and excited to have that first trail run of the year under our belts. Bring on the Rumble. -Teague

Friday, March 12, 2010

Claudia Williams is a member of the Winter Learn to Run program and running her first 5K tomorrow at Grin and Bear IT! As if that's not enough, her daughter, Emily Rideout left her three young kids with her hubby in Virginia and flew out to support her mom (and run with her) in her first 5K. Way to go Claudia and Emily, we'll be cheering you on tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dirty Half Sign Up Party!

Wednesday Night at 6pm swing by the FootZone for our Dirty Half Sign Up Party. You can sign up for the DH, have a beverage, enter the raffle and share in the excitement. Registration started yesterday and its off to a strong start. Will it last through the end of the month? We'll see. Hope to see you tomorrow - Cheers - Teague

Monday, February 22, 2010

Running Sale this Wed-Sunday

We only do this once every year!

Horse Butte 10 miler online

For those who haven't heard or were wondering where the registration forms for Horse Butte are here you go. We are using signmeup for this years race. There will also be a printable form on soon. Use this link to get signed up online.

Peace out,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Strength Workout at WRP

Just a reminder that the FootZone Functional Fitness workout will be a Kyle's studio (WRP) for at least the next several months. It's Thursday evenings at 6 pm. The move is simply because the group has gotten big enough that we just don't have enough space in the shop. We'll likely move it back once the weather turns and we can get outside. This workout will kick your butt but after a few weeks, you'll start to get in the groove. I really do believe that this, or something like it, is very important for runners. That's why we offer it up. Enjoy-Teague

Monday, February 15, 2010

Minimalist/Barefoot link

For any of you out there fascinated as I am with Minimalist/Barefoot information, here's a good new link. It's not really new info but it puts the lingo from the Liebermann study (the one that's gotten so much press) into a little simpler format.

Now that we've got almost 18 months of selling fivefingers under our belts, we suggest more than ever that if this interests you, please proceed with caution. Most folks seem to underestimate how much time it takes to transition to less of a shoe (or fivefingers, or going barefoot). For many it just doesn't seem to work very well regardless of the time they take and for others it can be a fairly smooth transition. We're all different and all the situations are different (and running shoes work really well for lots of folks). Thus, enjoy the info but be sure to trust what works for you. Whatever your level of interest, know that we're here to help. Cheers-Teague

Thursday, February 11, 2010


In the past few weeks I've been reminded just how important recovery is and how few take advantage of the opportunities to improve it. I've watched some good friends and VERY active people sample their first recovery drinks. Inevitably, they are amazed at how well they work and I am amazed that they've never used a recovery drink before. You've probably heard how important it is to hydrate, replenish some carbs, and get some protein within 30 minutes after a workout. The question is: do you do it? There are lots of reasons that we don't. Often, I think it's simply because we don't feel like it. When you get done with a hard workout the last thing you want to do is drink a shake or eat some food. I understand, but highly encourage you to keep experimenting until you find something that works for you.
Several of us at the shop are addicted to Hammer Recoverite but there lots of options both in the powdered and real food form. I like something liquid simply because my body can absorb it so effectively and quickly. We have lots of conversations about why this works so well and we know that it's the carbs and protein but are equally convinced that it's just so important to get something into your body during that crucial window. That jump start on recovery makes it so much easier to continue hydrating and you'll feel a difference both immediately and the next morning. Despite being likened to drug dealers, we've been known to offer up a sample so come on by and test it out for yourself after your next challenging workout. Cheers-Teague

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Horsey Butt

Well Dave finally got of his #%$ and put Horse Butte on signmeup so you can use the world wide web to register while saving at least part of a tree that has already been cut down and made into paper. We will also have a PDF on the zone website as soon as dave recovers from his sudden bout of motivation. Go to this Link to be directed to the registration site. This years race will be great as always with the post race BBQ, Good beer (Deschutes), bad beer (some really expensive macrobrew), and a special surprise for anyone who crosses the finish line.

Keep your eyes open for a course preview sometime before the race. Barring terrible weather Dave says he will organize one sometime in March and 60% of the time he comes through 100% of the time.

Peace out!'


Monday, January 18, 2010


This is a reminder that our Learn to Run Social and Fitness Open House is tomorrow, Tuesday, January 19th beginning at 6pm at the FootZone.

We continue to receive kudos from the first two sessions of Learn to Run and we're thrilled to have the next session starting soon! The social will offer you the opportunity to learn more about:
  • The Learn to Run program at the FootZone
  • The Learn to Run Dirty Half Training Group (NEW)
  • Several other fitness programs designed to compliment your running/walking routine (NEW)
  • And most of all..
    Provide camaraderie, encouragement, and FUN!!

We will have complimentary wine and snacks, store discounts and a raffle!
6pm - 6:30 Social
6:30 - 6:50 Program Descriptions
6:50 - 7:30 Social and Q and A

Sign up for the next session of the Learn to Run class starting Saturday, January 30th .
Please RSVP to Connie Austin
Questions? Contact Connie 728-7120 or call us at the FootZone 317-3568

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Garmin FR60

Interested in knowing how far you run? Don't want to spend the money on a GPS enabled system? Garmin has you covered with the FR60. It does everything the 405 does except map your activity and give you elevation. Other than that you get all the bells and whistles at a very reasonable $199.00. The footpod from the FR60 will fit in Nike + enabled shoes as well as Adidas MyCoach. Next time you are downtown come in and check it out.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cascadia 5

The Brooks Cascadia 5 in in the house. Still a great fitting shoe built for trail from the ground up. Come check them out and let us know what you think.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's ON! Come check out our winter sale with savings up to 40% off.