Monday, December 31, 2007


Here we are at the end of the year and I'm still trying to get in the swing of this blogging thing. I went through this with flossing as well but finally made it part of the routine. The final straw for me there was one time when I hadn't flossed for a while and caught a whiff of what emerged from between my molars. I couldn't believe that smelled lived in my mouth and have been a pretty faithful flosser ever since. I'm not sure what the blogging equivalent is.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. It is a busy time in retail but not quite what the media would have you believe. Strangely, our fate doesn't always follow suit with WalMart and Home Depot. We at the FootZone reveled in the good nature of many regulars and saw some of those faces that are home for a school break or back to visit family. It's always an odd time of year since we're selling a lot of things without having to fit the end user. It feels a little like cheating to us so we're happy to be back to selling running shoes to the people who will actually run in them. It's a great time of year to cross train, especially with the great nordic and gravity skiing right now. That said, there's a lot of fun running this week. Join CORK for the New Years Run tomorrow at Farewell Bend Park. The Bad Ass on Saturday and the first of the Winter Running Series on Sunday. Enjoy-teague

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winter is on

Well after a sputtering start it looks like winter has finally hit Central Oregon. The trails are a little snowy and the mountain is getting hammered. I did my first ski skate of the winter this past Sunday (Ouch). It was a touch soggy due to a warm front that moved in and poured rain on us for the hour I endured. But it was fun to hit something different and give the old body a rest from running or sitting on the couch. Both activities I frequently participate in. I even broke out the bike trainer to get some exercise while my son is napping. It is really not that bad of a workout and it is over quick, mostly due to my tremendous fitness level. What's fun is while riding the trainer I pretend that I am doing a race or group ride where people are actually slower than me, which never happens in real life. Winter is a great time to mix up the exercise a little and try new things. So try to get out and enjoy all of what living here has to offer this winter.

Peace out,

Sunday, December 9, 2007

December 8th and 9th

Here is a picture from this past Sundays CORK Hot Chocolate run. It is really cool that so many folks are coming out to run despite some chilly temps.

Also Happening this past weekend was the annual Jingle Bell run for Arthritis. It was kinda cold (low 20's) but that didn't stop folks from running. Some even shirtless and at least one bikini. Santa was also there with his faithful reindeer and elves.
Peace out,

Friday, November 30, 2007

Winter running tips

Now that we seem to be in full blown winter it's time to contemplate what exactly you need to stay outside enjoying your runs. I'm always surprised how many people move to the treadmill this time of year. It takes a little more thought, and you may lose some consistency but the adventure and beauty of wintertime running should not to be missed.


Some of your favorite runs might be impassable once the snow flies so be flexible and when you have the time don't forget about the great trails out East and at Smith Rock.


You don't have to change at all just because it's winter. Fit is king and you still need a shoe that matches up with your biomechanics. Some will be drawn to Gore-tex or weather resistant shoes and those options are increasing and getting better. However, be wary of an ill-fitting or inappropriate shoe simply to keep the moisture out. Whatever you decide, a good pair of warm socks that will move moisture are essential.

Traction Devices-
I used to laugh at these. They look obtrusive and awkward and they are just one more thing I don't want to think about as I head out the door. Unfortunately, its also awkward trying to keep my feet under me on those frozen over days or picking my way down the side of a trail because the center is to slick to contemplate. Traction devices work and can be essential to enjoy the winter running in Bend.


The options are endless and there is no right answer for everyone but here are a few generalities that can be helpful. If you're comfortable when your start your run you might be dressed a little warm. Always carry an extra layer in case you get held up or the weather changes. Wear fabrics that keep you warm even when wet (synthetics or wool).


Gloves and a hat are a must. I'd wear these before a jacket. A headlamp and reflective gear helps with the short days and closer proximity to cars. Wind briefs or an extra sock can be very helpful for the guys. Like it or not, a cell phone is a good idea considering one wrong slip could leave you severely hobbled. Ask us the story about our long-time co-worker Tracy and her hour+ crawl through the snow.

The picture is from this weeks every expanding noon run. Taco Stand tastes awfully good after that Tuesday run. The run happens every Tuesday and Thursday all winter long. Join us! cheers-Teague

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Nothing like a little pumpkin pie topped with rediwhip at 9:15 in the morning. I wasn't alone either, 60 plus folks braved the 25 degree morning to get a run in before abusing their digestive system during the feast that is Thanksgiving. It was really fun to see so many people out on less than stellar conditions to run 5-10 miles. Well done, I hope the holiday was fun filled and relaxing.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Trail Ramblings...

Earlier this past week Dave and I had been making plans for a mountain bike ride Sunday morning...I’d already spent endless blissful hours in the saddle the previous week. Meditative, quality time bonding with the trails, falling asleep just about every night grinning while I’d been embracing the fall riding --- truly optimus prime conditions! Fueled by Hammer Espresso gel the blissful realities of middle chain ring climbing, phlegm-eradicating, lung-ballooning, elevation gains all leading up to the apex, of yes, I am definitely spinning in 27th gear right now, a reminder to self --- keep your hands on the handlebars and wait to wipe the tears from your watery eyes until there are no trees scuffing the shoulders of your jersey...

Well, Friday evening arrived with menacing clouds, and petrichor mixed with a chill from the williwaws. By Saturday morning I awoke to the sounds of not a pitter-patter but what sounded as though someone with a sadistic sense of humor was spraying my house with a diesel powered 100,000 psi power-washer (perhaps a slight exaggeration). In spite of my disappointment knowing that I wouldn’t be riding I did find some resolve and even satisfaction in personifying the trails thinking that they would be singing the joys of nourishment and renewal all in preparation for Sunday’s splendid ride...

Sunday 6:02am, 39 degrees. A fusion of drizzle and downpour, the ride would be a trail destroying mudfest. Dave calls at 8am, “Wanna go for a run?” My response without hesitation, “Yep, good idea.” “How about we head out to Phil’s? “Perfect.” “Pick you up at 9?” “Sounds good, see you then.”

Two hours later I arrive back at my house. And although we spoke about the joys of mountain, road and cyclocross riding and training; never was there a complaint uttered about how disappointed we were to not be on our trusty steeds plummeting down the trails. Today was an uplifting reminder of why I run ---simple, primordial, graceful.

See you on the trails-- Rob

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Donate your shoes at FootZone

You know how you always have a stash of shoes that you don't really wear? But you don't want to throw them away, because that would be wasteful? And you think, you MIGHT still wear them, sometime? Like, for walking the dog or going to the grocery store or maybe as your emergency backup frisbee-throwing shoes?

We are very excited to announce a partnership with Soles4Souls, a non-profit organization that collects 'gently used' footwear and redistributes it among those most in need. They began with a response to the devastating tsunami in southeast Asia in 2004, and have made sizeable donations in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and most recently, the wildfires in California. You can learn more about them at

Starting immediately, we'll be collecting your 'gently used' footwear and donating our own. Just clean up your shoes and drop them off at the Footzone. When we collect enough to fill a box, we'll send them to Soles4Souls and they will take it from there. For years we've heard from customers who want to give their footwear a better life, and we hope you'll take us up on this great opportunity. We thank you, Soles4Souls thanks you, and your emergency backup frisbee-playing shoes will thank you, too.


Hot Chocolate and doughnuts!

For those of you who got out and ran and the CORK (Central Oregon Running Klub) Hot Chocolate run this weekend it was great to see you and what a great day. Good weather, good folks, and doughnuts. For those of you who don’t know about the Hot Chocolate runs here is the skinny. The runs are put on by Dan and Kathy Harshburger through CORK and take place on the second Sunday of each month through the month of March. There is something for everybody at these low key runs. You can run fast, slow, 5 or 7 miles and no matter what you choose there is always someone to run with. I wanted to give a big shout out to Dan and Kathy for doing a really cool thing here in our little community. Thanks!
Peace out,

Monday, November 12, 2007

New Tread

Well, at long last the FootZone has a treadmill. We've debated this move for years and shared the sentiment of many respected NW running stores that a treadmill isn't the magic component to get folks in the right shoes. But, alas, we've decided that it will be a fun tool and if nothing else it will make it easier on rainy days like today. We intended to have it last spring but pushed it to this slower time of year so we can get very comfortable with our new toy before the busy spring and summer hit. We'll shy away from calling it a "gait analysis" tool as that treads in the realm of the medically trained. Instead we'll use it for shoe evaluations and as an opportunity for customers to take some strides on a potential shoe. The set up will ultimately allow us to feed video to a monitor in front of the treadmill. That way we can record and put it in slow motion or make you look really fast or whatever you want. Look for SuperDave and Chris on a slow day at the shop shooting scenes for a future BendFilm short. Come check out the new toy or be sure and wave if you see us in their before or after hours getting a little workout in. I spent some time at Pacific City this weekend and got out for a pretty spectacular trail run at Cascade Head. The trailheads are right on 101 and not well marked from the road but easy to find if you're looking. Some pretty hilly, tough running but a great change from the occasionally monotonous beach run. Cheers-Teague

Monday, November 5, 2007

virgin blogger

Thanks for checking out the footzonebend blog. Hard to say what this will be but we'll talk shoes and running and general Central Oregon lore. Tomorrow is Taco Stand Tuesday on the noon run. You come with a few bucks for your burrito, go for a run and when you get back to the fz it's waiting for you so you can get back to work or do whatever you do. Maybe someday when I find my really comfortable blogging shoes I'll rant about why the Taco Stand represents all that's right about Central Oregon. until then-Teague ps... the pic is the bulk of the fz crew after our 5th annual caravan to the Macdonald Forest 15k trail run in Corvallis. Oct. 28, 2007