Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't race? There are a lot of fun running events for you!

By Max King:

It's March. This year is already flying by and Daylight Savings is just around the corner. Hopefully you checked out our Ready, Set, Register a couple weeks ago to help plan out our running events calendar but if not, don't worry. There's still plenty of time and plenty of events to fill up a years worth of adventure. I know not all of you are racers so this year I encourage you to check out the wide variety of events that are available to runners, and don't think that just because you don't "race" that there isn't a larger community out there you can connect with. 
At FootZone alone you can check out one of our themed fun runs each month, or a fun run like the Hot Chocolate runs hosted by the Central Oregon Running Klub. The brand new Tour de Chutes Run is a non-competitive benefit run and a great way to give back while meeting some great people.
For big adventurers there are weeklong running vacations through the Colorado Rockies such as the Transrockies Run. It's more like a big running camp for adults and a ton of fun to get to meet runners from around the world. A little closer to home Kraig and I are going to start some "runpacking" adventures that will involve 2-3 night adventures with some good running in wild places. Stay tuned for more on that. 

For those that want to learn as much as they can about running look for training groups to get involved with, free clinics at least monthly at the FootZone, and even FootZone Movie nights like our screening of the new movie Solstice on March 13th

Whatever your running passion is, get out and do it this year. Now more than ever there are so many different types of events to be involved with that you don't have to feel pressured to sign up for just another "race". Get out and follow your passion this year. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

FootZone Spike Days

Training Shoes under $100
Twice a year we get to tout the speedier side of the running world with High School Spike Days. Spike Days for us represents our role in getting local high school athletes in not just spikes for competition but in the best training and competition shoes at an affordable price. Fitting people in well fitting shoes is our passion and this extends to fitting local track athletes into the appropriate spikes and training shoes to give them the best chance at success. Competition and training shoes for track and field are as important as any performance shoe and it’s important to be fit by a professional for the proper fit and function.


When you come into the FootZone we’re there to help you figure out exactly which shoes will serve you the best through your track and field season. We’ll look at which events you plan to compete in, help to determine whether you need training shoes and/or competition shoes, and look at the fit of the various brands.

This season we’ve selected the best competition shoes from Brooks, Asics, Nike, and Saucony and carry shoes for every event on the track or the field.

The majority of an athletes time is spent during regular training so it’s important to have a good training shoe as well. We’ve hand picked a variety of great training shoes at $100 or under since we realize that value is important.

Spikes from Saucony include the Soarin J for jumping events, the Velocity for middle distance to distance, and the Spitfire for sprints. Saucony tends to run a bit more narrow but true to size in length than other spikes.

The Turbo Jump highlights our selection from Asics and while a jump event shoe, it can be used for a multitude of different event from pole vault, hurdles, sprints, and jumps. Also available will be Hyper LD for distance, Hyper MD for middle distance, Hyper Rocketgirl for womens middle distance, the Hyper Sprint, and the Hyper Throw for the throws events.


Nike is back with the super lightweight high performance Victory spike. This is an awesome competition shoe and has been at the forefront of high performance track and field for several years. Also available from Nike will be the Rival Sprint, Rival Middle Distance, and the Rival Distance.

Last but not least is our Brooks offering. Tending a bit wider overall, Brooks comes in with solid offerings PR LD, PR MD, and PR Sprint.