Monday, September 29, 2008

Xterra and Pilot Butte Challenge

Good Monday morning after another event strewn Central Oregon weekend! It was a fun weekend at the FZ kicked off by packet pick up for Xterra on Friday. SuperDave and I were in the loop with Xterra from the start and cringed a little when it became clear they really wanted the course to start and end in the Old Mill (yes, we're spoiled). We might have even chuckled at the thought of it being the "Trail Running National Championships" (says who?). But, in the end, I have nothing but good things to say about the Xterra crew and this new event that they brought to Central Oregon. Obviously, it was fun to watch Max win and Kami and Lisa have great races (Lisa was fighting a sinus infection and Kami's running pdx marathon next weekend so I'm not sure either was in top form). Great to see Amanda Root, Katie Caba, Maureen Schlerf, Eddie Lacy, Mark Ryan, Don Hildebrand, and Jon Keston as age group champions. Nice that a few fast locals have a little extra money in the bank (or buried in their backyard) this morning. But I also need to rave a little about the professionalism, good nature, and enthusiasm of all the Xterra folks. We spent many hours with them on Friday and they took great care of the runners whether they traveled from Atlanta or lived in Bend. All in all, they are good people and they put on a reasonable, quality event that drew folks from all over the nation. Plus, they benefitted COTA, bent over backwards to embrace rather than overshadow the Pilot Butte Challenge the next day, and they had a cool Xterra Semi. Their marketing occasionally felt like a bit much to all of us but in my mind, they did what they said they'd do and I applaud them. This will happen again next year so start training now if you like. 21k results 10k results 5k results

As for the Pilot Butte Challenge, I was able to participate and man, that thing hurts. It's hard to hide from one mile straight up. This is a classic, low key Cental Oregon event. If you've never participated, you should put it on the calendar the last weekend in September. You might just find a new max heart rate and you'll certainly get re-acquainted with your lungs. Thanks to State Parks for putting it together again this year. Good on Mike Olsen for taking the top honors. So many great performances, but I have to call out Piper and Jake McDonald since they're both fast as heck and former students of my wife, Tami. Also, impressive to see 92 year old Bill Lauderback moving fast and defying our concepts of aging. Here's a link to the results

Cheers -Teague

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Trail

Well I spent a few hours this fine morning on the business end of a pulaski. I Joined COTA trail guru's Chris Kratsch and Chris Dobson who had the walk behind Bobcat out and were gettin' it done in between Storm King trail and Wanoga Snow Park. When I left we had cut about a half a mile of new trail that will be buffed out at the Biketoberfest coming up on October 4th. If you have time on the 4th come out and give a hand so we can enjoy new trails sooner rather than later. If you don't have time at least entertain the thought of joining COTA. This organization builds and maintains lots of trails here in Central Oregon so if you can't get out and work at least give them some dough to help pay for the tools and the other expenses involved with their efforts. Go to for more info.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

great hash!

Oh the hash! Much was accomplished this eve. A hash webmaster was CHRIStened (his name is chris) the next hare was determined. The fz gracefully bowed out but pledged its unofficial loyalty and enthusiasm for the hashes to follow. good fun for all. Thank you all and especially Hare Geof. ON ON!-Teague

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bigfoot wrap up- Thank you Amy!

Another beautiful running day for the Bigfoot 10k. This is a great, downhill course that always makes us all feel at least a little bit fast. Plus, it's the longest standing running event in Central Oregon. I was the Bigfoot race director from 2003-2005. When I stepped aside, Amy Clark was good enough to take it on. She put in here 3 years and now she too is going to hand over the Bigfoot reigns. So, thank you Amy for keeping this great event thriving. Lucky for us, Dan and Kathy Harshburger are going to take their turn at the helm. So, for years to come, you can look forward to bringing out your go fast shoes on an autumn morning to see how quick your legs can carry you. Pictures are 1. Amy finishing her job 2. Brad Bond flying the fz colors 3. 2nd place finisher Mark Ryan 4. 2nd place woman MaryPrimrose (note that her coffee is actually spilling in the picture) 5. CORK secretary Jeanine Faria working the finish line. Cheers to all-teague

Braggin' on the Bookkeeper at Bigfoot

FootZone has many layers and one of them is keeping the books so everyone from our vendors to the employees get paid. Taking on that task is our very own Melanie Mangin. She taps away at her little laptop and keeps it all straight so Teague can keep buying shoes and Jenny can keep buying clothes. Well, this weekend Melanie took 2nd in her age group at Bigfoot and ran a blazing 45:41. We knew she was organized and a great person, but had no idea she was so stinkin' speedy. Good Job, Melanie! Fyi- if she looks familiar, she's been in this community for years and owned the Pilot Butte Drive In up until about a year ago.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Timberline 13.1

This past Sunday (Sept 14th) 6 of us hopped in my sweet minivan and headed up to run the Timberline half marathon at Timothy Lake. I was joined by Stacey Wimberley, Shana Sleggs, Ron Taylor, Former zoner Kristen Riley, and FZ's Colleen Moyer. All of us ran as hard as we could and enjoyed a beautiful run around pretty good size lake. Kristen was rewarded with a second place finish overall and second overall female. Yeah all the boys got "chicked" at this one. Also making the trip from Bend Ruth Ann Clark, Toni Lopez, Nansee Bruce, and Cloyd Robinson.
Former Bend residents Ryan and Laurie Ness were spotted at the race. Ryan didn't race due to an injury but Laurie gave it the juice and seemed pleased with the performance. It was great to see them.

Good job to all!


Monday, September 15, 2008

La Sportiva re-visited

We tried a few models from La Sportiva a few years back with minimal success so when I had the opportunity to try out the Fireblade I wasn't overly optimistic. In the interest of an open mind, I gave it a shot and put several runs on it. It fit great but was a little clunky from heel to midfoot and plenty stiff. I didn't order them at the time and went back to running in other shoes. However, over the next several months I found myself wearing the Fireblade more and more for everything from walking to the grocery store to climbing Black Butte with the family. I had to admit that I loved this shoe even if it wasn't my favorite running shoe. Now you can find both the men's and women's versions here at the FootZone. In the meantime, I've put a few more miles on it. It still isn't my favorite running shoe, but it feels pretty good now that it's broken in, and it is my choice for climbing one of the Sisters or just spending time on my feet. It's low profile but suprisingly substantial underfoot and the upper is very secure through the heel and midfoot while allowing for toe room (unlike some of our previous attempts with La Sportiva). So who would run in it? A midfoot striker who wants a lower profile, solid feeling, durable trail shoe with a substantial and great fitting upper. But a lot of runners might find this is the perfect shoe for not your everyday run. Cheers-Teague

Friday, September 12, 2008

Teague goes to Washington

My week began with a morning run at our nation's capitol. I'll be the first to revel in a secluded trail run vs. an urban jaunt, but running past the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and walking through the Vietnam Memorial was awe inspiring. I went to Washington DC on behalf of the Oregon Natural Desert Association to lobby for the proposed Badlands Wilderness Area. Senator Wyden has sponsored the bill and we we're there trying to keep it moving forward to hopefully be passed before the end of this legislative session. I PR'd in # of consecutive hours spent in a suit, and found out you can just wander through the halls of congress (after you've passed through security). I traveled with Brent and Gena from ONDA and Stan Shepardson who has practiced medicine in Bend for more than 30 years and served on the Board at St. Charles for several more. Unquestionably the best caveat from the trip was a run I did with Stan where I learned that he ran hurdles at University of Oregon under Bill Bowerman. He swore he wasn't any good and said that he wished he'd been able to read that "Men of Oregon" book before he went there because Bowerman proved to be such an enigma. I just loved hearing about it and really gained respect for all my companions on the trip. I won't bore with my ramblings on government and my initial impressions of DC but it was certainly inspiring on some levels and frustrating on others. I didn't have much time to see the sights so the early morning exploration runs were great. Cheers-Teague

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mud n Blood

Just returned from a very entertaining cross country race called the Mud n Blood out at Shevlin Park. Kudos to Muffy Roy and Summit XC for hosting a great event. There were actually five events and with each, the women started 31/2 minutes ahead of the men. The results go by however you cross the finish line. It started with an open event that SuperDave and I both participated in. Next were the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and finally, Seniors. The course was great with a couple water crossings, a log jump, and a really steep, short climb/scramble. It was fun to run but certainly better to watch all the high schoolers. They really give it everything. I watched dozens of them take an un-intentional crash in Tumalo Creek while pushing it throught the last crossing and to the finish line. A mini amphitheatre formed and filled with parents and students on the West side of the creek to watch the show.

The run had a little nostalgia because this is basically the old Shevlin Scramble course that Tate Metcalf and I started and put on for about 5 years. I was responsible for encouraging others to run it and pretty jazzed to get out there and experience it myself. Tate moved to Sisters and I kept it going for another year before Parks and Rec took it over for a year. After that, Jon Meier gave it a few more years. Now, Muffy and all those volunteers have turned it into something with more life than it ever had. Great to see. The sad news is that Parks and Rec plans to cut all events at Shevlin next year so be sure to speak up if you have an opinion. Cheers-Teague