Sunday, March 29, 2009

Horse Butte 2009

This morning was brisk SE of town for the first official FootZone event of the year. Thanks to SuperDave for another year of "kicking it Eastside". The Horse Butte 10 Miler evolved from "SuperDave's Horse Ridge 10 1/2 Miler". That run happened only once, back in probably 2000 or 2001, and climbed Golden Butte out East of town. Some permit hassles encouraged SD to let it go for a few years and then came back with an Eastside run in the Horse Butte 10 Miler. This has remained a low key, fun run and Oregon Natural Desert Association benefit. Hopefully everyone knows that along with all FZ events, this is not a money making endeavor for us. Every cent that doesn't go to timing, porta potties, Oregon Country beef hot dogs or beer goes directly to ONDA. It's fun and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves despite that biting wind. Special thanks to Gary, Mary, Justin, Roger, Amy, Tracy, Jodi and Andy Barram and family for all their volunteer help and to Kathy Harshburger for the really cool custom hats that she made. Click HERE for results.

Side notes

1) Oregon Country Beef hot dogs are really good. These are my son's favorite and not your typical nasty hot dogs folks. I convinced at least a couple people to try these today who hadn't eaten beef in a while and they were both a little smitten. I know you can get them at Newport Market but not sure where else. Don't look at the nutritional information on them as it might scare you away. Remember, that extra fat is just stored energy. Roger, good luck with the cholesteral test tomorrow.

2) Thanks for all the kind words of thanks out there today. Not every event is for every person and Horse Butte has a character all it's own. Glad so many like it for what it is.

3) Will we ever have a settled weather day for Horse Butte? It might almost be a disappointment if we do. Another year with a little white.
4) Exciting news for us all this week with the Congressional Bill that includes the Badlands and Spring Basin Wilderness Designation finally making it through both Houses of Congress. Thank you and congratulations to ONDA and all who have spent so much time making this happen.
5) Look for a Horse Butte video from our co-worker Chris soon. He was out there taking shots today and it will be fun to see what he came up with

Friday, March 27, 2009

Horse Butte 09

Just a last minute update on the 2009 Horse Butte 10 miler. If the weather man is right it could be the best weather we have ever had for the race (Jinx). The trail is in prime shape, completely dry and ice free. There are some logs down but I think we can all channel our inner steeplechaser and get over them without pulling a hammy.

Some specifics-
Packet pick up is at the Footzone Saturday from 2-6
As of this post there is about 50 spots left
Packets will be available Sunday morning at the race start
See you all Sunday,

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learn to Run Sign Up

There's a link the entry form for Learn to Run here. You can also access it via the learn to run page on the website. The feedback so far has been great. I'm really happy that Connie and Allison have stepped forward to head up this group. They are the perfect leaders and we're fortunate to have them. Thank you also to the customers who specifically asked us for this. We appreciate that you want a program like this from the shop and can't wait to watch it thrive. Cheers-Teague

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day Fun

To celebrate the St. Patrick's Day holiday Footzone and Cascade Lakes Brewing Company hosted a fun run. There we're about 70 in all shades of green between the fun run and Tuesday Perf group. After the run we all gathered at CLBS to hoist one for the Irish in all of us. Thanks to all that came out.


Kami on the cover

It was fun to open our stack of UltraRunning mag this month and see Bend's very own ultrarunning superstar Kami Semick on the cover. She continues to put up amazing runs. She's about as unassuming as they get and fun to help with shoes. It's great to see her get the recognition. Nice Work, Kami.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Shamrock Run

Well, Max must have a little Irish in him if for no other reasons than the picture to the right and his impressive run at the Portland Shamrock Run yesterday. Also turning in great showings from this side of the mnts were Ryan Altman, Jill Gozdowski and Kari Strang (fresh off race directing Grin and Bear It!). Results are here:

Grin and Bear It

The 2009 Grin and Bear It managed to live up to its name this year as the relative warmth gave way to a brisk wind. Pretty comfortable running and cool spectating. Congratulations to Kari (the 1st year race director) and Holly Remer for another great year putting this event on. It was a record turnout and exciting that they've grown this event so steadily over the years. I got to mark the course this year (with SD's help), cheer von the runners at the finish, and run the family 1k with my kiddos. Good times all around. Click for results.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TPG - Hills

Here's a little trivia for you. What's the most utilized State Park in Oregon? It's our very own Pilot Butte State Park. This eve the Tuesday Performance Group was 22 strong as Max helped us utilize (and get abused by) the Butte. What a great turnout for the first hill workout and I'm happy to say there are a good variety of paces out there. We hope that will only build as we get into Spring and the weather warms up a bit. It's always challenging to do a workout, but it is rewarding and easier to do in a group. Email Max at to get his weekly email telling what the workout will be and where. Or email me with any questions. See you next Tuesday! Cheers-Teague

No Ask the Experts Tonight!

Very sorry for the late notice but Steve Leary is sick and won't be able to make if for "Ask the Experts" tonight. Chris Vergona will be here next Tuesday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Whew! For those of you who saw us running around the FZ this weekend, you know that the Zoners are a tired bunch. Our entire goal was to make sure that despite the craziness, we would get everyone in the best fit and best possible shoe and hopefully show them a little of what makes the FZ special. Its exciting to help so many with shoes and enjoy some entertaining tidbits from many of our favorite people in the community. This was the 13th year of the runsale. It's a blast but I worry every year because if we don't take great care of people and get them in the right shoe, then the whole event is counterproductive. I'm proud of how we handled it this year. There was great energy and many happy customers. People love a deal and some obviously like the atmosphere. Others would rather have a little more attention so, we'll be there in the morning, ready to go. The weekend wore me out but it also fires me up and reminds me how much I enjoy this community. Thank you for the kindness. Cheers-Teague

Saturday, March 7, 2009

WRS #3 Finale

Today was a great day for the final installment of the Footzone Winter Race Series. We were treated to sunny skies and temperatures that were great once you got running. The race took place at a new venue for us here at the FZ and that venue is the Pine Nursery. The park is still in the construction phase but you can tell it is going to be a great place once it is done.
Today's race decided the overall standings for the series. There wasn't much deciding to do as both Andy Martin and Mary Primrose were locked in as long as they finished. Both earned a free pair of running shoes courtesy of the FZ. Great job Mary and Andy.
As for the race today we had 15 racers. Mary Primrose one the women's field and Steve Larsen took top honors for the men. Ryan Altman, Mary Primrose, Andy Martin, Michael Dennis, Jim Rantala all earned a sweet pair of running socks for completing all three races.
A side note Michael Dennis wanted it pointed out that he was ahead of Andy Martin in a race. I don't think he wanted it known that Andy is a week out from running a fast marathon down in California.

Thanks for coming out,

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dirty Half Kick Off/ Pre Run Sale

It was a wonderfully hectic day and night here at the FZ as we prep for the Run Sale this weekend and hosted the Dirty Half Kick Off Party. Luckily, Colleen did in fact make her return from her marathon in Napa where she ran a PR with a time of 4:39:10. She's stoked and should be. Congrats also to Andy Martin who made his return to marathoning with an impressive 2nd place finish at the same Napa Marathon. The Dirty Half Kick off Party was a blast tonight. Beer from Deschutes, food from Kebaba and a big fun crowd to kick off Dirty Half season. We had a great raffle, Andy and Steve Larson were kind enough to represent as past winners, and a bunch more people signed up to run and volunteer. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a nice way to end my Wednesday. Cheers-Teague

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rockin Napa

Colleen (from the FZ), Shana and Stacey all had awesome races at the Napa Marathon on Sunday. We'll hear the stories when Colleen gets back to the shop tomorrow but it sounds like everybody ran well and all that winter training paid off. Congrats-