Friday, October 31, 2008

Best Costume Pics?

Many have now brought to my attention that I failed to post a picture of Maureen (costume contest winner at the FZ Halloween Run). Here are a couple for your enjoyment. Cheers-Teague

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freaky FootZone Halloween Run

The pictures tell the story here. More than 40 turned out to run through town showing off some impressive Halloween garb. The costumes were great but stealing the show and winning the costume contest was Maureen Schlerf and her ample backside. I believe her costume prompted the question I overheard while we ate and drank at Jackson's Corner; "did your butt get really sweaty"? I've done lots of runs and events but I've never heard that one before. Thanks for coming out. Cheers-Teague

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Screw Your Shoes and TPG

Well some folks got their shoes screwed at the FootZone this eve. Despite the very warm day some clearly believe we will eventually move into winter and be happier if we have a metal option on the bottom of our shoes. You can do this with traction devices like Yaktrax or Get a Grip, but if you have an older pair of shoes to commit, screwing your shoes is an option. Thanks to Jeff Browning for bringing in the Makita and showing people the way. We'll probably do this one more time in the beginning of December so watch for it if you missed out. We we're doubled up on activities at the FootZone tonight since the Tuesday Performance Group took advantage of the daylight for some relay races at Drake Park. Max utilized the competitive spirit to mix up the speed workout and make it a little more interesting. Great crowd. Despite the coming darkness next week, Tuesday Performance Group will carry on. Join us!

Monday, October 27, 2008

MacDonald Forest 15k and 5k

It was a spectacular October Sunday in Bend, Corvallis and all points in between. Nearly all the FootZoners (seven to be exact) and several other Bendites traveled to MacDonald Forest outside of Corvallis for what's become a ritual on the last Sunday in October. Mac Forest offers up 15 or 5 kilometers (there's a 50k in the spring) of wonderful trails, a really tough climb and some of that lovely west 'o the mountains foliage. There we're many highlights and suberb finishes from the run itself and you can see the strong Central Oregon showing when the results are posted at Twenty or so of us gathered afterwards at American Dream Pizza for more food than we could eat and some post-run reveling. Think about slapping this one on your calendar for next year- you won't be disappointed. Cheers-Teague

ps. this last picture is especially momentus since it's the first time in three years that Shane (Jenny's husband) has been able to enjoy the post run feast instead of lying in the car. Woohoo!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Economic Crisis and Price Matching??

Ok, its a stretch, but Since our Presidential candidates, Congress, the talking heads, and everyone you meet on the street has weighed in on the financial crisis, I thought it was time to voice my significantly less important opinions.

First of all, Thank you. We open the doors every day, and folks keep walking in and letting us fit them in great shoes. We're lucky, when times get tough, you still need your run or walk. I hear customers talking even more about their workout as daily sanity. However, even the FootZone is seeing that this year is different and folks are understandably watching their pennies a little closer. You all know that FootZone has never been a place to focus on price and that won't change. In retail, you choose your path, and ours will always be the path of relatively well paid employees, health care and exeptional customer service. I've yet to see the example of the retailer that excels at servicing the customer while also being a great discounter. I admire Costco for their low margins and paying their employees but I certainly don't expect help finding something there. I think people get that, and support us not only because we have the right product and service, but because they like us as a business. Anyway (finally getting to the point), I do want to remind people that we match prices. We always have, although we don't make a production of it. If price is a hurdle, but you still WANT to buy their shoes from us, no problem. If it's an online option, we'll ask you to factor in shipping. Otherwise, it just has to be the same product and same size. We don't want you to think of us first because of price. However, we don't want you to feel like you have to shop elsewhere because of price, either. We know we offer a good value at the FootZone and that's where we'll keep putting our energy. Cheers-Teague

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday Performance Group - Hills

Well, Max told us in advance that we were going to do a hill workout and 19 people showed up anyway. He didn't lie as there were hills and it was a workout. This has quickly become something I oddly look forward to every week. As I huffed and puffed on our final steep pitched I couldn't help but notice that everyone was working hard and the smiles (not to mention words) were a little slow to come, but there was a shared sense of satisfaction. The Tuesday Performance Group is only 3 weeks old but it's grown every week and it's a solid and varied group. Join us if you can. Email to get on the list for the workout and location ahead of time. Cheers-Teague

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Doses of Dirty -- The Dirty Dozen recap

With fall's chill greeting us and temperatures teasing either side of the 20 degree mark, an abundance of smiles warmed the day for the 121 participants in the Dirty Dozen and Half Dozen Trail Run at Wanoga Snow Park this past Sunday morning. A huge thank you and an awesome job to all that joined in on the fun by either running, volunteering or both! It was great to see folks enjoying themselves and embracing the day! With proceeds of the run benefiting the Central Oregon Trail Alliance, ( Wanoga provided a unique venue, and for the most part, a spot that none of us would normally run. It was impressive to see some the new sections of trail that COTA's volunteers have been constructing while listening to the crunch of frozen dirt beneath our feet as we plodded up the hills and attempted to catch our breath as we loped down the other side! New this year at the run was the 2 person relay which had 6 teams; Aubree Swart and Laura Cooper took first in the relay with overall time of 1:29:31. For the individual races, kudos to Amy Freeman and Michael Dennis for givin' it the juice with times of 41:42 and 35:54 on the Half Dozen. And, ufff duhh! nice work on the Dozen - Lisa Nye with a time of 1:25:15 and Max King keeping everything in perspective and the crowds laughing by tagging up with finish line prior to turning around and busting out a time of 1:12:52. All results can be found here:
Thanks again to all that came out and participated and thanks to Super Dave for orchestrating another great trail run!
Keep running,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Compression Socks

Why does the Footzone carry compression socks? Ask Richard Arnold. Richard, a long-time customer and friend is now sporting a few pair of CEP Compression Sportsocks. Richard is also an Ironman triathlete and distance runner. We had considered bringing in compression socks for a while. With a little research and Richard’s enthusiastic feedback, we decided to go with CEP. CEP claims that the increase in leg circulation leads to an increase in performance. Wearing their socks, they say, will help you run quicker, run easier, recover quicker, feel better. Being a little skeptical, we hounded Richard about why we should carry these at the FootZone. He felt as an experienced athlete, they have helped him perform better. He also emphasized the circulation and blood flow benefits, likes the support and feels they reduce leg fatigue. He has tested them out at the Crater Lake and Haulin’ Aspen half marathons, Sunrise to Summit and a century ride. In fact, he would rather not take them off. The only drawback is the price. At $60 a pair, they are definitely not your average pair of socks. If you are participating in endurance events, flying back from a destination marathon or struggle with circulation issues, they might be worth a try. Thanks for all the feedback, Richard. Cheers-Tonya

Shoe review- Inov-8 X-Talon 212

The Inov-8 Talon 212 just came out and I've had the pleasure of running in it the past few weeks. I love it. This is a superlight shoe but has a surprising amount of substance underfoot and great tread for wet grass or damp trails. Without question it is a niche shoe. Good for someone who likes to run the trails in low profile, minimalist shoe or if you're looking for a racing flat for xc or trail races. I was able to wear it for a trail half-marathon in Tahoe last weekend and it was more than enough shoe for that. The fit is snug and secure and will work for the average to low volume foot. We have it down at the FZ so check it out. By the way, if you're ever after a great, low key trail run to travel to in the fall, check out the Kokanee 5k/10k/half marathon in South Tahoe. I went to visit my good friends Zach and Ellen (yes, of FZ fame) in Reno and we ventured up to enjoy a beautiful morning on the trails. Cheers-Teague

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well the leaves are starting to change and there is a definite chill in the air. Fall is the best time to be outside enjoying the colors and just about everything in Central Oregon. Not only is the trail running, mountain biking and foliage great right now but it is also a special time of year that means lots of heavy breathing and a sport that makes you continuously ask yourself why the hell am I doing this to myself. That sport is Cyclocross. As the Sunnyside team used to say "Cyclocross, the next best thing to a good beating". For those of you who have never heard of it Cyclocross is a sport that takes place in fall and winter. It consists of riding your cross bike (a beefy road bike to put it simply) through grass, mud, sand, snow, other riders while being forced to dismount and run over barriers and run up unridable hills with your bike on your shoulder. Webcyclery has hosted a small series called the Thrilla here in Bend for the past few years to help all of us get ready for the infamous Cross Crusade in Portland which started today. These pics provided by local legend Bob Woodward are of yours truly and Footzone Juggernaut Rob Declerk giving it the old pancake bacon at the last Thrilla race of the season. For those of you who have never done or seen a race check one out as it is really spectator friendly and super fun to do.

Peace out,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesday Performance Group

Last night was the first gathering of some folks who want to get a little fitter, a little faster with the help of Max King. It didn't disappoint as 13 came out for the initial offering and for more than half, this was there introduction to speed work. It's fun to think of the improvement people will see just adding one workout to their weekly running. We did a mile+ warm up followed by some stretching and strides. Then most of the group did three 800's on a loop through Drake Park. It's always good to do a workout with a group and this is a great one. Don't be shy, this is a great group. Come on out and join us if you're interested. For specifics email Max