Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Screw Your Shoes and TPG

Well some folks got their shoes screwed at the FootZone this eve. Despite the very warm day some clearly believe we will eventually move into winter and be happier if we have a metal option on the bottom of our shoes. You can do this with traction devices like Yaktrax or Get a Grip, but if you have an older pair of shoes to commit, screwing your shoes is an option. Thanks to Jeff Browning for bringing in the Makita and showing people the way. We'll probably do this one more time in the beginning of December so watch for it if you missed out. We we're doubled up on activities at the FootZone tonight since the Tuesday Performance Group took advantage of the daylight for some relay races at Drake Park. Max utilized the competitive spirit to mix up the speed workout and make it a little more interesting. Great crowd. Despite the coming darkness next week, Tuesday Performance Group will carry on. Join us!

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