Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Three Doses of Dirty -- The Dirty Dozen recap

With fall's chill greeting us and temperatures teasing either side of the 20 degree mark, an abundance of smiles warmed the day for the 121 participants in the Dirty Dozen and Half Dozen Trail Run at Wanoga Snow Park this past Sunday morning. A huge thank you and an awesome job to all that joined in on the fun by either running, volunteering or both! It was great to see folks enjoying themselves and embracing the day! With proceeds of the run benefiting the Central Oregon Trail Alliance, (http://www.cotamtb.org/) Wanoga provided a unique venue, and for the most part, a spot that none of us would normally run. It was impressive to see some the new sections of trail that COTA's volunteers have been constructing while listening to the crunch of frozen dirt beneath our feet as we plodded up the hills and attempted to catch our breath as we loped down the other side! New this year at the run was the 2 person relay which had 6 teams; Aubree Swart and Laura Cooper took first in the relay with overall time of 1:29:31. For the individual races, kudos to Amy Freeman and Michael Dennis for givin' it the juice with times of 41:42 and 35:54 on the Half Dozen. And, ufff duhh! nice work on the Dozen - Lisa Nye with a time of 1:25:15 and Max King keeping everything in perspective and the crowds laughing by tagging up with finish line prior to turning around and busting out a time of 1:12:52. All results can be found here: http://www.time2race.com/Results/Dirty%20Dozen%202008.htm
Thanks again to all that came out and participated and thanks to Super Dave for orchestrating another great trail run!
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