Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DH Training Group Finale

This past Sunday (May 25) was the last training group before the big race on the 8th of June. It was our largest crowd despite some questionable weather. There must have been over 70 people who came out to test the legs on the actual race route for the Dirty Half. Thanks to all who came out and had fun with us over the last several weeks. And a big thanks to Nancy P's who provided tasty treats for the post run re-fuel and thanks to Thump coffee for the kind donation of coffee cards for mom's day and our end of the training group raffle. See you all in a couple of weeks.

peace out,


Thursday, May 15, 2008

DH Training Group Mom's day edition

Sorry for the delay in getting this up. For the Mothers day edition of the Dirty Half training group moms were treated to a gift bag filled with a Hammer Gel, chocolate, and a coffee card graciously donated by THUMP. We had a good crowd who came out and ran 12 long miles on a beautiful day in Bend. Post run snacks were once again provided by Nancy P's bakery. I can tell you that after running 12 miles a blueberry croissant tastes really good.
Don't forget that due to the Bend Olym... I mean PPP there is no training run this Sunday. We will meet for the final run and course preview Sunday May, 25th. For those of you who have never ran the Dirty this is a great way to find out what to expect on race day. Good luck to all who are partaking in the festivities this weekend and I hope to see you all a week from Sunday.

peace out,

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dirty Half trail conditions

The Dirty Half course is now free of that pesky snow. Now we can all run on the actual trail for this Sundays training group run. For those who don't know this Sunday we are going to do a 12 mile training run that covers most of the actual race course. We do have an actual course preview on May 25th. We meet for all of these runs in the big field below Phil's trail head at 8:00am. No run next weekend (May 18th) as that is PPP weekend.

Hope to see you out on Sunday,


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bend in Eugene

Over the weekend the Eugene Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k took place. Here are some locals who gave it their all and were rewarded with some stellar times.

Full Marathon
Jill Gozdowski killed it in a 3:08:32 Nice Job!

Half Marathon
Dan Montoya 1:34:15
Mary Primrose 1:34:31
Dave Webster and his wife Liz Fancher both finished in 1:44:43 (I think Liz beat her goal by nearly 6 minutes, woohoo!)

Nice work everyone. Hope you take some time to rest and reflect on some great performances. S


Monday, May 5, 2008

Superman Andy Martin

OK, he might be injured now but WoW! Check out these links to read about Andy Martin's back to back wins at two marathons a week apart. Are you kidding me? Nice work Andy.

Flying Pig
Big Sur

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two Thumbs Up!

The 11 mile Dirty Half Training Group got a big seal of approval from the crowd of roughly 62 people who ran the loop. Well at least 62 people signed the waiver. All seemed to have fun running on this mild morning in Central Oregon. I definitely felt like 11 miles was plenty of distance for me especially after lumbering my way through the Salmon run yesterday. Despite some wobbly legs I had a great time and was stoked to see another big crowd out there putting in some miles.

We are still on alternate routes due to snow but that is changing with each day that passes. Word on the street says the canyon is nearly runnable but still needs some time. I am hopefully going to get some time to go check out the trail this week to see if we can start running on the actual course to get everyone used to the starting climb of the race.

Next weekend is a twelve miler on Mother's day so husbands better have breakfast ready after mom puts in some quality time on the trails.

Thanks to all who came out,


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Salmon Run 08

Salmon Run 08:
Good on all of you who made it out for the Salmon Run this morning. The results are on our website. Over 400 of you participated again this year conquering either the 5k or 10k course. Many thanks to the Environmental Center for another good event. There's always a strong contigent of the XC Oregon crowd out for this run reminding us all that you can be a fast runner even when you do more skiing than running. Lots of great performances on a morning that was great for running but a little cool for hanging out too long after. One of the non-running highlights was watching the Osprey drag someting back to its nest during the awards. Easily half the crowd was following the flight. The pics above are 1. the crowd hearing the awards and raffles 2. Tonya and Geof 3. Katie and Jen 4. Sam in front, Hannah (in the backpack) Tami and Amy hanging at the FZ tent. Thanks to Tonya and Amy for being there so Dave and I could run. See you at the 11 mile Dirty Half training run in the morning. Cheers-Teague