Friday, June 13, 2014

A Tribute to SuperDave

Written by: Jill Duncan

In Bend trail racing,
SuperDave is da man.
He rocks race directing
like no one else can.

Up into the trails,
runnin’ in the dirt,
SuperDave’s races
really make us hurt.

But cross his finish line,
he puts a beer mug in our hands.
We get a great burrito
‘cuz Dave really understands.

Sometimes it’s a doughnut
if it’s early in the day
‘Cuz SuperDave wouldn’t have it
any other way.

He takes care of the runners
and the volunteers alike.
And he’s pretty darned funny
when he speaks into the mike.

We may not really need
another race t-shirt.
keeps us runnin’ in the dirt!

This running poem was written by a local Bend runner who always shows up at FootZone events and Superfit Races with a big smile on her face. Jill captured SuperDave spot on. This poem is a great reminder of why we are so lucky to live and run in Central Oregon with a strong running community. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

What's New in the Running Shoe World.

Written by: Max King

The new Pegasus 31 has launched.  The new update is very good. Nike has taken some feedback from the running community to revamp an old favorite and come up with a good training shoe. The new Peg has the best fit in a Nike in a long time, engineered upper that is seamless, and has great cushioning under the foot with the Zoom airbag that is more responsive. 

Next, I've heard a good buzz going already about the new Adidas Sequence Boost. It's fills out the Adidas Boost line at the Footzone with their stability shoe. It has a great fit, good stability and that nice cushy but responsive Boost ride you've all come to expect. 

The new Adios Boost with new (old) upper is in as well. It's a nice update to the last model. Same outsole/midsole but with the awesome microsuede upper that the old Adios had, so it's a cool shoe. 

And we now have Newton Shoes. We are carrying the Distance III. This is a cushioned neutral training shoe that has POP 1 lugs. These are the biggest, most aggressive lugs. Put them on and try them out. It's a different feel but people have been loving how they run. In July we will fill out the Newton line with POP 2 and POP 3 lugged models. 

Finally, new Brooks updates just landed. The new PureGrit (which we're all excited about) with a completely redesigned everything is going to be a great trail shoe. A good fit, new more stable platform, and more traction than the last model will make this shoe a popular trail choice.  Our most popular neutral cushioned shoe got a great update in the Ghost 7. The Ghost 6 was so great they didn't change much with this new model which is what makes this a great update.  The new update to the Glycerin just landed as well and takes the same philosophy as the new Ghost with a nice fitting new upper but not many drastic changes over the previous great model. 

That's all I have for now. Stop by the shop anytime to find out what's new and what's on the horizon in the shoe world.