Monday, June 29, 2009

New Brooks Ravenna and Launch!

A couple new Brooks shoes are now in the fold at the FootZone and both are exciting in different ways. First is the new Brooks Launch. This is a fun, lightweight neutral shoe that will work for some as a trainer and others as a racing shoe. There seems to be plenty of cush and a smooth ride to complement a spectacular heel fit and comfortable upper. The Launch will grab attention first for its flashy looks but I expect this shoe to find a niche for the way it performs. The second shoe, the Ravenna, is one I've been anxiously anticipating ever since i saw the sample back in December. This is a stability/guidance shoe geared toward mild to moderate overpronation. There's plenty of cush but the platform is well grounded and balanced underfoot. The overall profile and smooth heel transition should make this shoe equally appealing to runners and walkers. Overall, the fit is very secure, grabbing the midfoot and heel pretty aggressively while opening up nicely in the forefoot. I'll be very surprised if this doesn't end up a winner for many active fz customers. Good to start the week with a busy Monday and some fun new shoes. Cheers-Teague

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dirty 2nd Half

Ever since Footzone Customer Liz Fancher came up with the name Dirty 2nd Half I have been working to make the new race come to fruition. I have scouted out a potential course and secured a possible venue so now we wait. For what you ask? The course needs to be approved by the forest service before anything can be set in motion. The estimated timeline for yay or nay is the second week of July. Needless to say I am really ready to go on this one and from the buzz around the shop so are lots of you. Please keep checking the website because as soon as the word is cast down I am going to be on the gas making this race happen.

Here is what I know about the race so far:
Date- Sunday October 11th 9:00
It will take place somewhere in the Deschutes National Forest
It will be 13.1 miles of dirtiness
I know this ain't much but it is all I got until I get an approved course.
The pics are from the potential course that is currently awaiting a ruling.
More info to follow,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Commute Options

Just finished up Commute Options Week here in Bend and I'm proud to say the FootZone had 100% participation. We're pretty avid alternative commuters throughout the year and even have a "green wage" that earns an extra 25 cents an hour if you get to work other than driving a car. We know it won't necessarily change the world but it will buy a coffee or two. For Commute options week I have to call out Nancy A. and Melanie. Nancy walked to work everyday and did so with almost NO complaining. Melanie (in the pic) didn't come to work much but when she did she rode in her mt. bike. She's our bookkeeper so she can get away with that. Cheers-Teague

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Heaven Can Wait Video

Check out this link for the latest Chris Maley creation (yeah, its Chris here at FootZone). You'll notice some new filming techniques. Seems to capture the feel of this great Central Oregon event.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I know I'm biased, but I sure like that Dirty Half trail run. Great job SuperDave and a hearty thank you to all the volunteers who helped out this year. The band was sweet, the food was delicious (thanks Nancy P's, Taco Stand, and Pizza Mondo), and the beer was the only thing that could keep folks around once the appropriately timed rain moved in. Here's some results. Look for a Dirty Half video in the days ahead. If anyone wants another pair of those finishers socks they're at the FootZone and $5 a pair while they last. I think there are a few more sweatshirts and they're $40. Thank you all and hope you had fun, cheers-Teague

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dirty Half well within sight

Dirty Half is almost here. All these storms are getting those trails West of town awfully prime for the Dirty Half on Sunday. The preparation is going well and we can't wait for a great day. Nancy P's and Taco Stand will be out there once again along with some of the freshly brewed Down and Dirty IPA from Deschutes Brewery (bring your ID if you care for a beer). There will be a few new twists this year, not the least of which is a sweet new finisher prize waiting for when you cross that line. SuperDave seems less stressed than ever 2 days out and dare I say, the ducks may all be lining up. See you for packet pick up tomorrow (12-6) and Sunday out at Phils. Cheers-Teague

Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Weekend

Heaven Can Wait weekend has once again come and gone. The 10th offering was better than ever. This event never ceases to amaze me. Packet Pick up at the shop was smooth and well run and we thank all the organizers and volunteers for their efficiency and good nature. As you can imagine, we're excited for the opportunity to host packet pick up since year one. Every year it's a lot of energy, mildly overwhelming, and ultimately really fun and rewarding. There is so much energy in that event and to watch it all come together is truly impressive. Charlene and all the organizers deserve a lot of credit. Sunday morning was beautiful. I helped organized the finish line again this year and thank all who came out to help. It's a great place to see everyone finish, dole out high fives and repeat "stay in order and keep moving!" about 500 times.
This year was clearly my favorite year since I got to watch so many of the Learn to Run group finish. The pic is a few of them who gathered at the FZ before hcw. Roberta (the impetus for the group) who said she couldn't run 2 minutes back in January, ran the whole thing and finished in under 40 minutes! My new friends Nikki and (different) Roberta who I previewed the course with on Wednesday both finished in under 47 minutes. There were too many accompishments for one post but needless to say the enthusiasm was high. Great to see people accomplishing great things. Look for a HCW video in the next day or two.

This summary of the weekend wouldn't be complete with bragging on our own Melanie and Colleen. Melanie is the new TPG poster girl since she took 4 minutes off her last years HCW time and took second in her age group (we're not sure she's actually missed a Tuesday Perf Group yet, really). Colleen wasn't around this weekend (we'll never make that mistake again) because she was off in Utah running the Squaw Creek 50 miler. She went into it with severe trepidation because her calf had been giving her much grief for the past week+. Somehow, however, she pushed through and finished well ahead of her goal. We'd all be astonished if we didn't already know how tough Colleen is. Whew, sorry for the rambling post but there's a lot to say. And we haven't even hit Dirty Half weekend yet. Rest up-Teague

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Learn to Run Wrap Up and Moving Forward

Last night was the end of the 8 week Learn to Run session but it will live on in a couple forms. First, there will continue to be a 5:30 weekly run from the FootZone for those in the program or anyone else interested. This will simply be a group run. Second, we'll start a new Learn to Run session on September 2nd.

Reading through all the evaluations from the course last night was pretty exciting. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. So many people met their goals and feel like they're building that foundation to keep running or running and walking and just building that fitness routine. Connie and Alison were wonderful leaders and the 10 assistants helped to make sure everyone got attention and no one was left behind. We're sure it wasn't what everyone was after, but without question this struck a cord with many who wanted a reason to gather, learn more about running and improve. I just look forward to seeing their future success. Like we kept reminding everyone, this is only the beginning.

Workout at Kyle's studio tonight

The Thursday strength workout is at Kyle's tonight. Lucky for us with all this rain. The workout will be there the first Thursday of each month and at the Footzone every other Thursday. Click here for directions to Kyle's

See you there-Teague