Friday, June 26, 2009

Dirty 2nd Half

Ever since Footzone Customer Liz Fancher came up with the name Dirty 2nd Half I have been working to make the new race come to fruition. I have scouted out a potential course and secured a possible venue so now we wait. For what you ask? The course needs to be approved by the forest service before anything can be set in motion. The estimated timeline for yay or nay is the second week of July. Needless to say I am really ready to go on this one and from the buzz around the shop so are lots of you. Please keep checking the website because as soon as the word is cast down I am going to be on the gas making this race happen.

Here is what I know about the race so far:
Date- Sunday October 11th 9:00
It will take place somewhere in the Deschutes National Forest
It will be 13.1 miles of dirtiness
I know this ain't much but it is all I got until I get an approved course.
The pics are from the potential course that is currently awaiting a ruling.
More info to follow,

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