Sunday, May 31, 2009

Course Preview- Thanks SD

This years Dirty Half training runs were better attended than ever. Thanks to Dave for putting these on and getting out there every weekend to flag the course and feed us coffee and granola bars. Today he even brought us an aid station about the six mile mark. Between 60 and 100 people showed up each week in weather that ranged from snow to warm sunshine to build their long run on the Dirty Half course. I was able to run all of them this year and it was great to see so many folks from the running community of all paces coming together on Sunday mornings. Hanging out after the run this morning, I talked to 4 runners who ran farther today than they ever have before. Congratulations, thank you, and looking forward to the FootZone Dirty Half in a couple weeks. Cheers-Teague

Another one down

Well people are jumping for joy after another successful FootZone Dirty Half training group. Today was the culmination of 5 week long run series. The day greeted us with cool temps and overcast skies which was welcome after the cooker we had on Saturday. We had a small raffle and some people walked away with some cool prizes thanks to the FZ. Post run thanks to Thump coffee we all were able to have a cup of great coffee and some conversation about this mornings run.

Thank you to all who participated and made sure we all had a running partner for our Sunday long run.

See you all in a couple of weeks,


Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Less Excuse

We often joke that if you need an excuse we have a whole list handy. However, if you're looking to do the Dirty Half but thought you couldn't get in... here's your chance. We're auctioning off 5 spots to help raise a little cash for the Land Trust. All you have to do is stop by, email, or call and place your bid along with a phone #. On June 5th at 6 pm the bidding is done and the 5 highest bids get those spots (with race tee). We don't expect this to get too heated and could even go for less than the going rate. Dirty Half transfers are also accepted through June 5th and there are folks out there who are registered but can't run. So, if you want to run the Dirty...No excuses. Cheers-Teague

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trail Work Tomorrow

Don't forget about the FootZone/COTA trail work tomorrow night(Wednesday, May 27th). Meet at FootZone at 5:15 or Bachelor Park and Ride at 5:30. Call us at the shop tomorrow with any questions 317-3568 or email thanks-Teague

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Steve's Memorial and ways to help out

There will be a memorial service this Saturday at 1:00 pm at the Les Schwab Amphitheater (actually behind the stage). A group will be leaving from Drake Park at 12:30 on bike or foot to do a memorial parade of sorts to the service. Feel free to gather at the FootZone if you'd like. Tami and I will leave there around 12:20 to join the parade. All are welcome.

A memorial fund for Steve's family has been set up at:

Steve Larsen Memorial Fund
Umpqua Bank
390 SW Century Drive Suite 100
Bend OR 97702

Or, deposits can be made at any Umpqua Bank.

We're collecting donations at the shop to get some certificates for food for his family. We'll be buying gift cards at Pizza Mondo, Tate and Tate Catering, Newport Market, Kebaba, Nancy P's...stuff they can use whenever. Thanks to Katie Caba and Laura Fritz for organizing this effort.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm sure most have heard at this point about the untimely death of a friend and a great member of this community. Steve Larsen was at the Tuesday workout last night and collapsed a little more than 400 meters into the first 800 of the workout. He was not able to be revived despite constant CPR, and the efforts of the medics when they arrived and took him to St. Charles. This was a traumatic experience for all of us there on Tuesday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I hope they will not mind this perspective.

Steve has athletic accolades basically beyond compare. More importantly, Steve was easy to admire in how he lived his life. I was always amazed and appreciative to watch this legendary endurance athlete buy his shoes just like anyone else. Accepting of advice, never asking for special treatment, or acting as though he were any more significant than the next person. This is a man who'd had real sponsors forever, yet he'd occasionally sport a footzone shirt at races without request or recognition. Whether at the shop, getting coffee, on a run or with his family, Steve was always energetic, calm, well put together, and kind. When I'd see he and Carrie over the years with 1,2,3 then 5 children, they always seemed to carry themselves with grace and goodness. They are parents I admire, seeming to pursue their own interests and their family with great passion. I'm sure it was not so easy and my image may be an unrealistic one, but I also never saw anything to change it. Over the years, all that I have witnessed shows me what a good man Steve was, what a strong, caring woman that Carrie is, and what bright, beautiful children they have. Other than the Tuesday workouts, my past few encounters with Steve have been him bringing his children in for running shoes and track spikes. It is perhaps hardest now to think of those interactions and the kind of respect that his kids showed for him and the love, respect, and enthusiasm he clearly had for them. It is something I will try to emulate in my own life. Steve Larsen was in fact the whole package. He was often "the" athlete in a community that prizes its athletes, but will be remembered for so many reasons. I thank him for all that he brought to this town, to the fz, and for the example that he showed to all that he came in contact with.

After we'd all warmed up last night, Steve wandered my way as instructions were going out for the workout. I was asking if we we're going to do some strides and Steve was good naturedly ribbing me saying "come on man, we warmed up, lets just go!" We did a couple strides, we went, and he will be missed- Teague

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jungle Run

Oh e oh e oh...

Don't miss out this Thursday at 5:30 at COCC. Gather at the track and get ready for some fun. This run typically offers mud and climbing and general goofiness. That said, it will still get you breathing hard and it's a great mid week offering. We've got entries down at the shop. Cheers-Teague

Sunday, May 17, 2009

McDonald Forest 50K

Although this post is a week later than we would have liked...We want to congratulate all the local runners who charged up and down for a total of 6700 feet of elevation gain last Saturday at McDonald Forest outside of Corvallis. And, dear to all of us here at the shop; the everso humble Colleen who PR'd this year by over 10 minutes (and was back to work on Sunday with with her glowing smile)!!

Again, way to go everybody and thanks for the inspiration! Here's the link to the results:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word to the Mother

Today was the latest installment of the Dirty Half Training Group. A whole bunch of us enjoyed the refreshing sunshine as we took our 11 mile jaunt through the woods in preparation for the big day. Not only was the weather beautiful and the trail in great shape, but it was also Mother's Day (the first pic above shows some of the Mom's out there this morning). So to show some respect to the Moms we pulled out some stops. Thump Coffee came through with some free coffee coupons, Footzone donated $5.00 giftcards. Pair that with some chocolate and we have 40 or so really happy moms. One mom used the chocolate on the run rather than a gel which she said really gave her a good boost to finish strong.
Thank you to all the moms and everybody else who came out to enjoy a great morning run.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TPG - Cinco de Mayo

I know it's hard to believe but the Tuesday Perf. Group is pretty much always good. Bring on good and bad weather, hills, track, tempo etc. Ask anyone who goes (there's about 40 regulars) and they'll tell you that you get a great group with some good comraderie and the satisfaction that comes from a challenging workout. There are many paces out there and everyone's working hard and getting results. Last night was especially fun hearing some specific results from Dave Webster and Mary Primrose from the Eugene Half. They both PR'd and both seem to think that TPG was part of the reason. There's a little buzz in the group as everyone's sensing that these workouts are really helping their running. We're feeling lucky that we have such a great group and Max to lead the way. Cheers-Teague

Strength Workout Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow nights strength workout will be at Kyle's Studio. You can start 6pm as usual or, if you want a little extra, go for 90 minutes and start at 5:30 (there's a class that starts then and Kyle invited us to join in). $5 as usual. Thanks to Kyle, it's fun to be at his studio for a change. To get there, take Galveston/Skyliner Road West past the Mt. Washington Roundabout. Take the first right, then the first left and it's on the left (WillRacePerformance Studio). See you there. -Teague

Monday, May 4, 2009

Eugene Half

There were many Central Oregonians running the Half Marathon over in Eugene yesterday. Great to see the Tuesday Performance Group paying off so well for Dave Webster. He PR'd with a ripping fast 1:24:08. Mary Primrose also seems to be reaping rewards from the TPG and ran a 1:31:57. Results are here. So many great runs by Central Oregonians. A few to look for are Steve Jenevein, Andy Young, Dan(o) Montoya, Stephanie HackBarth, Jamie Tuchscherer, and Betsy Skovborg (Congrats Betsy on your fist half marathon). Cheers to all- sorry for the names I missed--Teague

Good Reading

If you're interested in how the Dirty Half might shake out near the front this year, here's a great read courtesy of local speedster Jeff Caba. Thanks Jeff-Teague

A Few Eugene results

There were many great performances in the valley this weekend at the Eugene Marathon and Half-Marathon. Ryan Schaffer and Michael Dennis, both friends and Michael of our "Ask the Experts" series, ran some great marathons yesterday. Ryan pushed himself to a sub-3 hour (2:59:34) finish while Michael pr'd by about 5 minutes (!) with a 2:50:58. Rene Scott blazed through the course in 3:30:50. Fast times, Great job. Sounds like the weather held out ok. Ryan said it was raining hard when he woke up but just steady by race time. He said for the bulk of the marathon, the rain actually stopped! Lot's of Central Oregonians in Eugene this weekend the results are here. Cheers-Teague

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gut Check

The 60 or so that came out for the Dirty Half Training Group were no doubt questioning their sanity on starting a 9 mile run in less that perfect conditions. Despite some wet snow falling and some cold temps the forest was down right spectacular with the snow cover. The group was in good spirits by the end and afterwards everybody enjoyed some granola bars and camaraderie on persevering through some sloppy conditions. Hopefully the weather will improve slightly for next weeks 11 miler. See you there next Sunday same Bat time same Bat place.