Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word to the Mother

Today was the latest installment of the Dirty Half Training Group. A whole bunch of us enjoyed the refreshing sunshine as we took our 11 mile jaunt through the woods in preparation for the big day. Not only was the weather beautiful and the trail in great shape, but it was also Mother's Day (the first pic above shows some of the Mom's out there this morning). So to show some respect to the Moms we pulled out some stops. Thump Coffee came through with some free coffee coupons, Footzone donated $5.00 giftcards. Pair that with some chocolate and we have 40 or so really happy moms. One mom used the chocolate on the run rather than a gel which she said really gave her a good boost to finish strong.
Thank you to all the moms and everybody else who came out to enjoy a great morning run.


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