Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cascade Lakes Relay

We're happy to report that both FootZone teams in the Cascade Lakes Relay had a great time (relatively speaking) and were all smiles at the finish line.
The FootZone/Rebound/MountainHardwear team rocked it. They're a fast crew and won the relay for the 3rd straight year. We're proud to have this crowd wearing the FootZone name. Partially because they're fast. but mostly because they are such a quality group. They're real people in the community raising kids, teaching kids, working in the medical field, banking, researching, etc. They're so fun Jill Gozdowski came all the way back from teaching in Italy so she wouldn't miss out. Just so happens that they're fast and willing to work at it... Very stong work!
The "In the Zone" team is headlined by Melanie and Tonya here at FootZone. Sure, they might have organized this just to get out of the bulk of the sidewalk sale but we won't hold that against them. Actually, this is their second year and they ran great and had lots of fun (despite the expected hurdles). Again, just a great group of people out there running through the night. Oh yeah, they're super fast too. They finished a more than respectable 27th overall and looked pretty fresh at the finish sitting under a shade tree eating pizza and drinking beer.

Great job by all and thanks for helping to give the FootZone a good name. We've received lots of thanks from these folks for supporing their teams but I'd say "Thank You" to all of them for being so worthy (not to mention all the support they've given us over the years). Cheers-Teague

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Green Lakes Trail is (almost) clear of snow!!

The word on the trail is that with exception to a few patches of snow, a couple of mildly-swift creek crossings, and "don't worry you can outrun them" mosquitos, the Fall Creek to Soda Creek (AKA Green Lakes Loop) is OPEN!!! It's one of our favorite trail runs, encompassing 12-ish miles of some of the most beautiful scenery with expansive views of Broken Top and South Sister. Enjoy!