Saturday, February 28, 2009

WRS #3

Well it is all coming down to this coming Saturday, yes Saturday. Since CORK is doing a hot chocolate run Sunday the last Footzone Winter Race Series will take place on Saturday March 7th. That's Saturday March 7th at 9am. The location will however be different. Yes, I know you all will miss Farewell park but I think if you do any races in town this spring and summer you will see it again. For the last race I decided to roll east side and run around the new Pine Nursery. Ryan Altman told me they have some sweet paths out there and he wasn't lying'. I did a scouting trip last weekend and right now there are some great gravel paths to run around on. So with that said we will start and finish at Ponderosa Elementary School. To get there head east on Butler Market road and take a LEFT on Purcell. The school will be on your right in about a half a mile or so.

Hope to see you out there,


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fine Tuning

Just back from a blustery, rainy, but somewhat invigorating noon run and wanted to share some new shoe info. I really enjoy this time of year as the shoe buyer here at the FootZone. Most of the new shoes have been in for a few months now so we're truly getting a read on what the strengths are. This allows me to build and trim and tweak our inventory in hopes of having all the options you want and need. The crew here at the shop gets re-aquainted with what a shoe geek I am as I constantly pepper them with questions about how they feel about shoes, how they're fitting, what we need and what we don't. I want to have everything since shoes are just fun but my job is to make sure the shoes we carry have merit and will work for the end user.
Then there are shoes like the Mizuno Ronin (the orange one pictured above). This replaces the red version from last year with a re-worked the upper and a better, more adaptable fit. This is a $100, 7.5 oz racing flat so obviously not for everyone. but I think its important that we carry shoes like this. Why? Because they're fun and fast and more versatile than you might think. Believe it or not, we probably sell as many racing flats to serious walkers as runners. It's fun to have a pair of go fast shoes for racing, speed work or just a minimalist training shoe. Plus, when it glitters orange and looks really cool thats just a bonus. Everyone tries to categorize what distance a racing flat is good up to but I think that depends much more on the person than the shoe. Some fleet of foot individual will be able to wear this shoe for a marathon whereas most of us would have to keep it for the 5k/10k or half marathon.

Just yesterday we got a new shoe that I initially have a hard time believing is from La Sportiva. It's a trail shoe called the Wildcat and so far all who have put it on seem to find it interesting in one way or another. It's a neutral, relatively beefy platform with a smooth, meshy, but solid fitting upper. Looks are deceiving on this one because all the mesh makes you think it wouldn't hold the foot but it actually locks it down really nicely over the midsole. Despite the substantial platform the ride is smooth and initially at least, really impressive. We'll report back as we get some miles on it but so far, I'm impressed. I'd guess it will end up being an option/complement to the Brooks Cascadia. That's good company to keep if it can live up to it. Cheers-Teague

Sunday, February 22, 2009

WRS #2 Recap

Today was the second Footzone Winter Race series 5k and winter did not disappoint. I felt like I was transported back in time to Eugene growing up with the grey skies and freezing rain. Despite the less than perfect conditions we still had 17 folks finish the race in stellar fashion. Perhaps the best part of the event was all the Tofookies. Women's winner and baking superstar Mary Primrose made 4 batches of really good vegan cookies. Despite my skepticism of everything vegan they were quite tasty. Thanks Mary! Great job to all who came out and gave it the old pancake bacon on a very wintry day.
As per the rules top ten male and female receive points for the overall series and all participants who complete all three races get a free pair of running socks.
The next race is on March 7th. This is a Saturday event as to not conflict with the CORK hot chocolate run. I will announce the location one week before the race via this blog.

See ya and thanks,

Andy Martin
Steve Larsen
Micheal Dennis
Joel Vergona
Kevin Blair
Ryan Altman
Mary Primrose #1 female
Jim Rantala
Erica Luckel #2 female
Carisa Thomason #3 female
Massimo Larsen #1 kid
Wendy Heath #4 female
Jodi Barram #5 female
Jeff Timm
Tom Healy
Eric Healy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten Years

Today is ten years to the day that I've owned the FootZone. Tonight I got to share a drink with a bunch of kind folks who gathered to celebrate. I opened the FootZone for my old boss in 1995 and managed it for a few years before buying it in 1999. It had been a part of a small (8 stores) regional chain that was dissolving. When the purchase was done we became entirely independent with no ties to the other stores (a few others were sold off and a couple still exist in the Seattle area). The store really wasn't healthy, but I hoped that by becoming a better running store (not to mention paying our bills) we could make it work and pay off that fresh new SBA loan. Honestly, I was scared out of my head, but somehow managed to sign those loan papers.

Well, a decade later I'm happy to say we're healthy and happy, despite a whole new set of economic hurdles that you're all too aware of. I feel very fortunate for the timing and the opportunity to grow up with the running community in Central Oregon. As a person or two pointed out this evening, I bought this store when I was 27 and no one would have been surprised if it had been gone in a couple years. Lucky for Tami and I, that didn't happen. Instead, the FZ has been embraced by this community and worked hard to return the love. The ride continues to be humbling and a lot of fun. Thank you to the running community and all of Central Oregon for the opportunity. Thank you especially to all who work and have worked at the shop. Everyone knows that the energy at the FootZone comes from those who work there. I look forward to the decade ahead and appreciate the FZ more than ever. We'll keep showing up every day, having great shoes and gear, fitting your feet, and working to be a positive part of this community. Cheers-Teague

Monday, February 16, 2009

WRS #2 2009

Well next Sunday March 22nd is the second instllment of the Footzone Winter Race Series. Farewell Park was great last time and with a week of uncertain weather I think it is wise to stay put. Not to mention this will give all the folks who did the first race a little progress report on how the training is progressing. Remember just get there a little early to sign the waiver and write your name on a number so I can keep track of results.

See you Sunday at Farewell Park,


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Couples Classic Relay

We lucked out with a cold, beautiful morning and a little new snow on the ground for the Couples Classic on Saturday Morning. There was a good turn out and smiles all around. Check out the pics and results. Cheers-Teague

1. Scott/Sage 40:25 2. 3kidsand stillrunning 41:48 3. Melanie Made Me 44:10 4. Team Boardshorts 45:28 5. Carisa/Dave 46:25 6. Spaghetti Love 46:27 7. The Love Train 46:29 8. Brennans 46.43 9. Smack Mack 47:07 10. Team No Name 47:40 11.Team Dopey 48:48 12. Bennetts 50:13 13. Isis/Drew 52:50 14. Team Dairy 53:13 15. 3boys and a girl 55:10

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to Winter

I'm guessing you all noticed the little change in the weather. Some would say we've had our few weeks of Spring and now it will be Winter again until Summer comes. Hopefully not, but we'll find out. It hasn't dampened the enthusiasm for the FZ activities. We did have perhaps the smallest turnout last night of any Tuesday Perfomance Group, but I thought 11 on a snowy night was great. Max modified the workout to tempo in hopes that no one would hurt themselves. The Plantar Fasciitis Clinic with Steve Leary was really well attended (see pic). Very informative and everyone left very appreciative for his time and full of practical information. We do this clinic a couple times a year so look for the next one if you're interested. Lastly, the noon run today was great. The snow was gone and the burritos were tasty. Cheers-Teague

Monday, February 9, 2009

On behalf of (perhaps in spite of) Colleen

You know how some runners like to tell you about their every run and every new training method they try, whereas others you have to pry the information out of if they'll give it up at all. Well, our dear Colleen here at the FootZone certainly falls to the latter . She's more than happy to talk about YOUR running, just less likely to talk about HER running. Let's put it this way, you will NEVER see a Colleen Moyer running blog. We respect that. We actually think it's kinda cool. She is as avid as the next fitness geek but doesn't choose to tell us all about it. Well, occasionally I have to share something because she does cool stuff and we like to live vicariously. Saturday, Colleen took Stacy and Shana (her training buddies for the Napa Marathon) to do a 22 mile run in the splendor of Smith Rock State Park. There's no easy way to do 22 miles at Smith. Colleen does lots of runs out there but Stacey and Shana were newbies. Sounds like it was an eye opener not only for all the beauty but for all the hills. A run like that might just make the marathon seem easy. Nice work, Ladies. No pictures of them, just some cool shots of the Mnts from the Park.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hot Chocolate and First Turns

I hope you enjoyed this great Central Oregon weekend. As Doug Williams pointed out at the Hot Chocolate Run this morning, we're entering that time of year where you really have to choose your fun on any given day that you have the time. The running is great, the mountain is getting more snow and it should be good on the downhill and nordic side for a few months. Someday the gravel will be swept from the roadways to make road biking more appealing and soon enough the mud will leave the trails so mnt. biking is yet another option. We won't even get into you climbers out there. This beautiful morning many of you chose the running option for the HCR. It was a great turnout. The few spots of ice on that East side of the river just South of Farewell Bend park aren't bad right now. After the run I went home and picked up my anxious 5 year old for a trip to Mt. B. Low and behold he made his first real turns on skis. Pretty exciting day for the 5 year old and this Dad. Just a good Central Oregon day. Cheers-Teague

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chocolate Cake Recovery

Thursday eve not only brought another Kyle Will Strength Workout but Geof Hasegawa's Birthday (Tonya's husband). Luckily, Geof has the good to sense to celebrate with a great workout at the FZ and Tonya was kind enough to bring a chocolate cake to share. We all got to share in the workout (there were actually 12 of us) AND eat cake afterward. Great workout, great cake! Cheers-Teague

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Really Good Days

Hopefully you had the opportunity to get outside a little and enjoy the past couple days. A little warm and sunshine has kept things hoping around the ole' FZ as folks get inspired and seek out new shoes. The Tuesday Performance Group was exciting last night. We not only had another great turnout to run 700's but there was still light as the workout was getting started and even at 6pm the sky had some brightness. It's a promise of things to come. Today's Noon Run was borderline spectacular and my first shorts and a tee shirt run in a while. More than a dozen turned up to take advantage of a their lunch hour and some Taco Stand. Enjoy the weather while it lasts. Cheers-Teague

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keeping the facts straight

Here is the scoop on the 2009 Dirty Half Training group(s). There are in fact two versions for your running pleasure. We will have the FREE training group just like in years past. New for this year is a 12 week training group led by 2 time winner Max King and 8 time race director Dave Thomason. They are charging for the 12 week training plan but Max and Dave are confident that with some structured training they can get you in shape to have the best race possible.

FREE run schedule
April 26 7miles
May 3 9miles
May 10 11miles
May 17 NO RUN- PPP
May 24 12 miles
May 31 13.1 Course Preview

For more information on either of the Footzone Dirty Half training groups feel free to contact Dave @

Monday, February 2, 2009

Couples Classic Relay

What can I say, I'm just a sucker for heart images. I only wish I had an "i" in my name so I could dot it with a heart. OK, maybe not, but I do think it's time to bring back the Couples Classic Relay. Harry Kittleman, former CORK treasurer, currently of Montana, convinced me to revive this CORK run about 11 years ago. We held it out at Shevlin Park for a couple years. 2009 seems like a great time to bring it back in a new form. I've sorted out a 1.4 mile loop around Drake and Harmon Parks that starts and finishes right behind the FZ. The relay will be 4 loops split up anyway you want. Show up with a partner or we'll match you up when you get there. We'll have hot cocoa and cookies and some of those nasty little heart candies with all the weird proclamations. Plus some great raffle goodies. We're hoping this will be a good one to do with kids. Either they're old enough to participate or, for the younger ones, only one parent will be running at a time, so the other can be with child. Come on out and join us- Cheers-Teague

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