Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fine Tuning

Just back from a blustery, rainy, but somewhat invigorating noon run and wanted to share some new shoe info. I really enjoy this time of year as the shoe buyer here at the FootZone. Most of the new shoes have been in for a few months now so we're truly getting a read on what the strengths are. This allows me to build and trim and tweak our inventory in hopes of having all the options you want and need. The crew here at the shop gets re-aquainted with what a shoe geek I am as I constantly pepper them with questions about how they feel about shoes, how they're fitting, what we need and what we don't. I want to have everything since shoes are just fun but my job is to make sure the shoes we carry have merit and will work for the end user.
Then there are shoes like the Mizuno Ronin (the orange one pictured above). This replaces the red version from last year with a re-worked the upper and a better, more adaptable fit. This is a $100, 7.5 oz racing flat so obviously not for everyone. but I think its important that we carry shoes like this. Why? Because they're fun and fast and more versatile than you might think. Believe it or not, we probably sell as many racing flats to serious walkers as runners. It's fun to have a pair of go fast shoes for racing, speed work or just a minimalist training shoe. Plus, when it glitters orange and looks really cool thats just a bonus. Everyone tries to categorize what distance a racing flat is good up to but I think that depends much more on the person than the shoe. Some fleet of foot individual will be able to wear this shoe for a marathon whereas most of us would have to keep it for the 5k/10k or half marathon.

Just yesterday we got a new shoe that I initially have a hard time believing is from La Sportiva. It's a trail shoe called the Wildcat and so far all who have put it on seem to find it interesting in one way or another. It's a neutral, relatively beefy platform with a smooth, meshy, but solid fitting upper. Looks are deceiving on this one because all the mesh makes you think it wouldn't hold the foot but it actually locks it down really nicely over the midsole. Despite the substantial platform the ride is smooth and initially at least, really impressive. We'll report back as we get some miles on it but so far, I'm impressed. I'd guess it will end up being an option/complement to the Brooks Cascadia. That's good company to keep if it can live up to it. Cheers-Teague

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Ryan Altman said...

You are only more of a shoe geek than me because its your job but I think I am a close second. If you ever need someone to talk shop with I will be happy to offer up my thoughts but its best done over a cold one! :)