Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hot Chocolate and First Turns

I hope you enjoyed this great Central Oregon weekend. As Doug Williams pointed out at the Hot Chocolate Run this morning, we're entering that time of year where you really have to choose your fun on any given day that you have the time. The running is great, the mountain is getting more snow and it should be good on the downhill and nordic side for a few months. Someday the gravel will be swept from the roadways to make road biking more appealing and soon enough the mud will leave the trails so mnt. biking is yet another option. We won't even get into you climbers out there. This beautiful morning many of you chose the running option for the HCR. It was a great turnout. The few spots of ice on that East side of the river just South of Farewell Bend park aren't bad right now. After the run I went home and picked up my anxious 5 year old for a trip to Mt. B. Low and behold he made his first real turns on skis. Pretty exciting day for the 5 year old and this Dad. Just a good Central Oregon day. Cheers-Teague

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Jason Taylor said...

What a blessing to live in such a great place. Everything you just wrote about is what makes Bend so Rockin Awesome.