Monday, February 9, 2009

On behalf of (perhaps in spite of) Colleen

You know how some runners like to tell you about their every run and every new training method they try, whereas others you have to pry the information out of if they'll give it up at all. Well, our dear Colleen here at the FootZone certainly falls to the latter . She's more than happy to talk about YOUR running, just less likely to talk about HER running. Let's put it this way, you will NEVER see a Colleen Moyer running blog. We respect that. We actually think it's kinda cool. She is as avid as the next fitness geek but doesn't choose to tell us all about it. Well, occasionally I have to share something because she does cool stuff and we like to live vicariously. Saturday, Colleen took Stacy and Shana (her training buddies for the Napa Marathon) to do a 22 mile run in the splendor of Smith Rock State Park. There's no easy way to do 22 miles at Smith. Colleen does lots of runs out there but Stacey and Shana were newbies. Sounds like it was an eye opener not only for all the beauty but for all the hills. A run like that might just make the marathon seem easy. Nice work, Ladies. No pictures of them, just some cool shots of the Mnts from the Park.

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shana said...

What about the 6" mud heels? That would have been a cool picture! Thanks for the rocking run Colleen, and of course the Doritos! Let's kick some ass in California! Love, Shana