Monday, February 2, 2009

Couples Classic Relay

What can I say, I'm just a sucker for heart images. I only wish I had an "i" in my name so I could dot it with a heart. OK, maybe not, but I do think it's time to bring back the Couples Classic Relay. Harry Kittleman, former CORK treasurer, currently of Montana, convinced me to revive this CORK run about 11 years ago. We held it out at Shevlin Park for a couple years. 2009 seems like a great time to bring it back in a new form. I've sorted out a 1.4 mile loop around Drake and Harmon Parks that starts and finishes right behind the FZ. The relay will be 4 loops split up anyway you want. Show up with a partner or we'll match you up when you get there. We'll have hot cocoa and cookies and some of those nasty little heart candies with all the weird proclamations. Plus some great raffle goodies. We're hoping this will be a good one to do with kids. Either they're old enough to participate or, for the younger ones, only one parent will be running at a time, so the other can be with child. Come on out and join us- Cheers-Teague

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