Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's the FZ crew up to?

Summer is in full swing and the FootZone Crew (Zoners) have been doing the juggling act like all the rest of you. We're fortunate to have a busy shop to take up many of our days but we're also balancing all our active pursuits with family, friends, travel and all the expectations of summer. Specifically, here's what's going on:

Colleen - Just ran the Speedgoat 50K in Utah with her husband Jason (they rocked it). Now she's planning to just enjoy her running for the rest of the year focusing more on adventures than events. Current Favorite Shoe- Mizuno Ascend

Rob - Recently moved into a new house. Running, skiing(!) biking and going to South Dakota for his annual “working vacation” on his family’s farm; pouring concrete, building grain dryers, repairing miles of fence following spring flooding, and spending time with his niece and nephews. Current Favorite Shoe- Scott T2C

Dave-Building a fort for a four year old. Planning a 5k and a trail festival. Hoping to get some miles in so he can run "fast" at some races this fall.

Chris - Mtn. biking and running pretty regularly and using his new Panini maker a lot. Umm...Oh yeah, he and Tracey got married on July 14th....He's planning to run The Twilight Run and possibly the Dirty 2nd Half. Current Favorite Shoe - NB 101

Tonya- Recent trip to South Africa for the Comrades Marathon with her husband was the highlight. 56 miles of fun. She continues to be inspired daily by BendFit, the marathon training group she organizes. Next on the schedule is Cascade Lakes Relay and Flagline!

Nancy- likes to point out while Max is preparing for the Olympics and Colleen is finishing yet another ultra, she's preparing for her colonoscopy (it is what the elderly do!) and sending her last child off to college. She just got back from a great time in Minnesota with the family. I continue to run with her morning running group more days than not. Current Favorite Shoe- Brooks Glycerin

Max- Just back from a week at Steen's Mtn Running camp where he's inspired every year by what cross country athletes can put themselves through. While up there he was also able to teach Good Form Running to 350 high school runners. Just helping spread the good word. Next it's off to Switzerland for the 19 mile Sierre-Zinal mountain race. Should be a doozy of a climb. 6000ft in 10 miles then it's all downhill after that. Current Favorite shoe - Montrail Rogue Racer

Jenny- Currently training to be able to push a baby out of her body and eventually two children up Pilot Butte. She and Owen (son) have been on the constant lookout for the BEST playground in Bend (pretty sure we’ve found some of the best ones) current favorites include a park where fresh fat worms are available in abundance and another park where Owen can fly anywhere in the world in a matter of moments. Their locations are top secret however. Current Favorite Shoe- Brooks Ravenna

Melanie-Training to feel healthy and to really enjoy running by going to the "core". She's realizing that building some true core strength is essential and finding that Pilates is giving her that missing element. Current Favorite Shoe - Saucony Mirage

Kristy- Watching the snow line religiously....awaiting the opening of Flagline and trying to stay upright on her mountain bike when she's not massaging folks or teaching yoga.

Kristen- Recently ran the SOB 50k in Ashland. The summer has been lots of camping, pool time, and bike riding. The girls (Kristen and her daughters) roll without Dad as he is very busy training for Ironman Canada- Go Todd! She can't get enough our of the stand up paddle board mania!

Ryan- Lots of cross training on the road bike and Mt bike to get stronger for running. Looking forward to running CLR for the first time (he's got the costume leg)!

Marybel- Running Haulin Aspen race this Sunday and maybe the Half at flagline. Current Favorite Shoe- Brooks Adrenaline

Katie- Chasing around her 2 and 4 year old boys. She's loving helping out with the Women's running group and meeting new people along the way. Otherwise just making time for running whenever she can. Current Favorite Shoe (s) Brooks Ravenna and Cascadia

Teague- Keeping up with the family and enjoying the trails as much as possible. Summer bustle has made for some inconsistent training but no complaints... too many fun summer activities. Mt. biking has been offering up some great cross training. Twilight 5k, Flagline and Mac Forest are all on the radar. Current Favorite Shoe - N.B Minimus Road