Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! People apparently really like Pie. Today was the second Footzone "I like pie run" and it drew quite a crowd. I was expecting about 100 or so as last year we had 60 so I figured we would have more this year. Well I was blown away as over 200 showed up to run and eat some pie. But even with the massive horde of runners the spirit of the event was maintained. I never intended this to be a race or competitive in the slightest so it was nice to see people out having fun and getting some exercise before the big meal. Definitely props to the Foster clan and friends for the spectacular costumes. That is what the I like pie run is all about.
We had over 20 pies entered in the contest with Tracy Miller taking home the prize for here efforts. I think it had something to do with the fact that her pie was still warm when she brought it in. It was great that there were so many homemade yummy pies for us to enjoy and thanks to all who participated.
As an extra bonus we totally filled my Subaru station wagon up with food for the formerly know as COCAN Neighbor Impact. Thank you all for keeping the spirit of the holiday alive while getting some exercise.
Peace out,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One week = Pie

Well we are one week away from the second annual I Like Pie Run. This run started very humbly last year as I was chatting with FZ customer Kory Bright while I helped her with shoes. We thought it would be cool to have a run before the holiday most known for Americans gorging themselves. And just like that the I Like Pie Run was born. I made some simple flyers and to my surprise over 60 people showed up to run and eat a slab of pie.

Now with the big day only a week away here is some info for this years run. The run starts from the FZ at 9am Thanksgiving morning. We are going to run north on the rivertrail off of 1st street. If you want to be entered in a raffle for a cool winter running prize package simply bring a pie. To participate in the run all you need to do is bring a can of food. This run is not a race but you can run as fast or as slow as you want I will have marked the 5 and 10 mile turnaround points. The course is out and back which means you can really turn around whenever you would like. The path is ok for baby joggers. Hopefully this answeres some basic questions but if you come up with some that still need answering give a call to the FZ 317-3568 or email me at
Thanks and see you in a week,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Just for fun

We have an abundance of functional shoes at the shop. Functional on all ends of the spectrum. That said, anyone who knows me knows that I like the fun side of running shoes as well. That might be something new and different or just plain cool looking. So, when Nike came out with a 25th anniversary color of the Pegasus, I couldn't resist. It's the same tooling (midsole, outsole) as the current pegasus (which is great, by the way) but with a simple, super comfy upper in a retro gray with the navy swoosh and a pegasus emblem across the heel. It would be a perfectly good running shoe, but I don't see myself using it that way. We only have a few so get 'em while we got 'em. Cheers-Teague

Quite a Week

FZ activities this week include the Performance Running Group at 5:30 on Tuesday (no "ask the experts" with Chris Vergona this week, she's in Australia), Functional Strength Training at the FootZone on Thursday at 6pm. The Taco Stand noon run goes on Wednesday from the FootZone as always and the Women's Running Group will do a loop at Phil's on Sunday at 9am. In other words, a pretty standard week for extra curricular activities at the FootZone.
We're still recovering from last week which was packed full. Tuesday was the PRG led by Max and a Nutrition Clinic with Tim Monaco. Both were great and well attended. Wednesday we hosted a Medical Professional Night where the folks in this community who fix us gathered to learn about shoes and how we do things at the FootZone. It was a full house. Thursday was the first go of Strength Training w/Kyle Will. 8 braved the initial offering but this one will grow quickly. All went away knowing they'd improved themselves (my legs were still sore in some under-utilized places 3 days later). Friday was the Chi-Running clinic with coach Keith. Another big crowd for that one to learn some techniques for running more efficiently. Four nights straight, glad it's not every week but it sure feels active at the FZ.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Functional Strength Workout

Great response for the first strength workout at the FootZone. Kyle really knows his stuff and in an hour we learned a ton. He kept it moving and everyone was feeling it by the end. It's one of those workouts I'd be pressed to do by myself but it was fun in a group, and I can already feel how effective it is at targeting those muscles we obviously don't use enough in our running. Same time next Thursday (6-7pm), then a week off for Thanksgiving and back at it on December 4th. For $5 a workout, this is a screaming deal and money well spent. Join us, you'll be glad you did, and you'll give yourself a great chance to stay injury free this winter. Cheers-Teague

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Caba's at Lithia Loop Marathon!

Jeff and Katie Caba took first and second place respectively at the inaugural Lithia Loop Trail Marathon in Ashland last weekend. On a really challenging course with 4700" feet of elevation Jeff ran 2:47:31 and Katie ran 3:09:26! Nice work Caba's! Hard to imagine them running that fast all the time with jobs and raising three young boys. Just makes it all the more impressive. Superstar Sean Meissner had a solid second place showing and Jenn Shelton (formerly of Bend) was third woman. Jenn still owes me a half rack of beer from an election bet we made about six months ago. Jenn, Obama clearly didn't pick Hillary as his running mate. I'm still waiting. Oh well, she knows where to find me. cheers-Teague

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hot Chocolate in November

This morning began for many with the second CORK Hot Chocolate Run of the season. The turnout was huge (70+), the food was great, the heaters were warm, and the Harshburgers even built some cairns to show the way. We're lucky to have great community runs like this. I'm happy that so many are utilizing it. Your next opportunity is December 14th. Cheers-Teague

Kudos to Kami

Bend's own Kami Semick took second place over the weekend at the 100K world championships in Italy. Her time was 7 hours, 33 minutes, and only ten minutes behind the winner from Russia. I hope she's reveling a bit with a few good bottles of wine and loads of pasta before she heads back to the states. Congratulations Kami!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Girls Night Out- Black Pant Event!

Well, Jenny and all the ladies here at the FootZone throw quite a party. This was the third Girls Night Out in the past 14 months and each time they get a little bigger and from the sound of things, ever more fun. You'll notice in the picture that at least one man crashed the party, but at least he was dressed accordingly! There was chocolate, foot massages, goody bags and fun had by all. Thank you to all who helped out and to Jenny for running the show. Cheers-Teague

Running or Beer?

Why not both? The ever diligent bend hash group is still trying to find the perfect balance between running and beer drinking. If you would like to help them in their quest for knowlegde November, 15th is your chance. Meet at Silver Moon Pub at 3:30 pm for some fun. All participants must be 21 or over. Still have qestions go to

Have fun

Saturday, November 1, 2008

An acre for the Lord

Today on this fine Saturday was the running of the Lord's Acre 5 and 10k. For those of you who have never heard of the Lord's Acre here it is in a nutshell. The Lord's Acre festival is a fundraiser started 62 years ago to help out the church in Powell Butte. The festival has crafts, homemade pie, fresh meats cooked right in the ground, and as a few years ago a 5 and 10 kilometer run.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this run is the prizes. No there are no new cars, finisher medals, or airplane tickets to Aruba. But if you by some miracle win your age group you get a whole pie... a pie. And not a pie bought at Safeway the night before on special but a pie made with love and care and lots of butter and sugar. There has never been a race that has made me wish I was faster like this one. But today like virtually all the rest of my events I came up a hare shy of winning the big one but thankfully I married a speedy woman who can bring the noise when it counts. That's right I just put down two pieces of banana cream pie and it was delicious, because my wife is way better at running than I am.
So for all of you who find yourself with nothing to do next November get up off the couch hop in the car and haul it to Powell Butte and give it up for pie and a good cause.

Peace out,