Monday, November 17, 2008

Quite a Week

FZ activities this week include the Performance Running Group at 5:30 on Tuesday (no "ask the experts" with Chris Vergona this week, she's in Australia), Functional Strength Training at the FootZone on Thursday at 6pm. The Taco Stand noon run goes on Wednesday from the FootZone as always and the Women's Running Group will do a loop at Phil's on Sunday at 9am. In other words, a pretty standard week for extra curricular activities at the FootZone.
We're still recovering from last week which was packed full. Tuesday was the PRG led by Max and a Nutrition Clinic with Tim Monaco. Both were great and well attended. Wednesday we hosted a Medical Professional Night where the folks in this community who fix us gathered to learn about shoes and how we do things at the FootZone. It was a full house. Thursday was the first go of Strength Training w/Kyle Will. 8 braved the initial offering but this one will grow quickly. All went away knowing they'd improved themselves (my legs were still sore in some under-utilized places 3 days later). Friday was the Chi-Running clinic with coach Keith. Another big crowd for that one to learn some techniques for running more efficiently. Four nights straight, glad it's not every week but it sure feels active at the FZ.

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