Thursday, November 20, 2008

One week = Pie

Well we are one week away from the second annual I Like Pie Run. This run started very humbly last year as I was chatting with FZ customer Kory Bright while I helped her with shoes. We thought it would be cool to have a run before the holiday most known for Americans gorging themselves. And just like that the I Like Pie Run was born. I made some simple flyers and to my surprise over 60 people showed up to run and eat a slab of pie.

Now with the big day only a week away here is some info for this years run. The run starts from the FZ at 9am Thanksgiving morning. We are going to run north on the rivertrail off of 1st street. If you want to be entered in a raffle for a cool winter running prize package simply bring a pie. To participate in the run all you need to do is bring a can of food. This run is not a race but you can run as fast or as slow as you want I will have marked the 5 and 10 mile turnaround points. The course is out and back which means you can really turn around whenever you would like. The path is ok for baby joggers. Hopefully this answeres some basic questions but if you come up with some that still need answering give a call to the FZ 317-3568 or email me at
Thanks and see you in a week,

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