Sunday, February 22, 2009

WRS #2 Recap

Today was the second Footzone Winter Race series 5k and winter did not disappoint. I felt like I was transported back in time to Eugene growing up with the grey skies and freezing rain. Despite the less than perfect conditions we still had 17 folks finish the race in stellar fashion. Perhaps the best part of the event was all the Tofookies. Women's winner and baking superstar Mary Primrose made 4 batches of really good vegan cookies. Despite my skepticism of everything vegan they were quite tasty. Thanks Mary! Great job to all who came out and gave it the old pancake bacon on a very wintry day.
As per the rules top ten male and female receive points for the overall series and all participants who complete all three races get a free pair of running socks.
The next race is on March 7th. This is a Saturday event as to not conflict with the CORK hot chocolate run. I will announce the location one week before the race via this blog.

See ya and thanks,

Andy Martin
Steve Larsen
Micheal Dennis
Joel Vergona
Kevin Blair
Ryan Altman
Mary Primrose #1 female
Jim Rantala
Erica Luckel #2 female
Carisa Thomason #3 female
Massimo Larsen #1 kid
Wendy Heath #4 female
Jodi Barram #5 female
Jeff Timm
Tom Healy
Eric Healy


Andy Martin said...

What happened to Zach Violett? Did he miss the finish line?
Thanks for giving me something to do on a Sunday Morning!

Christine said...

I am really bummed out that I missed this run. I even came to the blog and looked up the date but in my mind I was thinking it was the folloing weekend. I will try hard to make the next one - Ron