Sunday, May 31, 2009

Course Preview- Thanks SD

This years Dirty Half training runs were better attended than ever. Thanks to Dave for putting these on and getting out there every weekend to flag the course and feed us coffee and granola bars. Today he even brought us an aid station about the six mile mark. Between 60 and 100 people showed up each week in weather that ranged from snow to warm sunshine to build their long run on the Dirty Half course. I was able to run all of them this year and it was great to see so many folks from the running community of all paces coming together on Sunday mornings. Hanging out after the run this morning, I talked to 4 runners who ran farther today than they ever have before. Congratulations, thank you, and looking forward to the FootZone Dirty Half in a couple weeks. Cheers-Teague

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Ron Deems said...

Dave and Teague, thanks so much for putting on the DH training. It was really great to have Sunday's as a training day for the race and getting out on the trail. I will have to tell you, the mountain bike riders we saw week in and out were so awesome and encouraging! I kind of felt bad when we would run up to them on their turf and all, but everyone was more than willing to work around us either by stopping, sharing the trail etc.

Thanks, see you in two weeks!