Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gut Check

The 60 or so that came out for the Dirty Half Training Group were no doubt questioning their sanity on starting a 9 mile run in less that perfect conditions. Despite some wet snow falling and some cold temps the forest was down right spectacular with the snow cover. The group was in good spirits by the end and afterwards everybody enjoyed some granola bars and camaraderie on persevering through some sloppy conditions. Hopefully the weather will improve slightly for next weeks 11 miler. See you there next Sunday same Bat time same Bat place.


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Dave Bilyeu said...

I agree, Dave, this was a spectacular run. The trees were beautiful with the light coating of snow. Each pine needle was tipped with a melting drip. Really, it was not that cold. The trail was moist and soft - and no dust! Phil's Trail in weather like this or a light rain is hauntingly quiet and beautiful.