Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Less Excuse

We often joke that if you need an excuse we have a whole list handy. However, if you're looking to do the Dirty Half but thought you couldn't get in... here's your chance. We're auctioning off 5 spots to help raise a little cash for the Land Trust. All you have to do is stop by, email, or call and place your bid along with a phone #. On June 5th at 6 pm the bidding is done and the 5 highest bids get those spots (with race tee). We don't expect this to get too heated and could even go for less than the going rate. Dirty Half transfers are also accepted through June 5th and there are folks out there who are registered but can't run. So, if you want to run the Dirty...No excuses. Cheers-Teague

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