Sunday, June 14, 2009


I know I'm biased, but I sure like that Dirty Half trail run. Great job SuperDave and a hearty thank you to all the volunteers who helped out this year. The band was sweet, the food was delicious (thanks Nancy P's, Taco Stand, and Pizza Mondo), and the beer was the only thing that could keep folks around once the appropriately timed rain moved in. Here's some results. Look for a Dirty Half video in the days ahead. If anyone wants another pair of those finishers socks they're at the FootZone and $5 a pair while they last. I think there are a few more sweatshirts and they're $40. Thank you all and hope you had fun, cheers-Teague


mike said...

Here are some photos of the race today.

Ron Deems said...

I had such a great time (not finishing time) at the race this year! It is always the race I look forward to each year and a motivation to run some extra miles in the winter. The training runs were a blast and a fun way to start Sundays for a month or so. Thanks to everyone for an awesome event!