Friday, June 13, 2014

A Tribute to SuperDave

Written by: Jill Duncan

In Bend trail racing,
SuperDave is da man.
He rocks race directing
like no one else can.

Up into the trails,
runnin’ in the dirt,
SuperDave’s races
really make us hurt.

But cross his finish line,
he puts a beer mug in our hands.
We get a great burrito
‘cuz Dave really understands.

Sometimes it’s a doughnut
if it’s early in the day
‘Cuz SuperDave wouldn’t have it
any other way.

He takes care of the runners
and the volunteers alike.
And he’s pretty darned funny
when he speaks into the mike.

We may not really need
another race t-shirt.
keeps us runnin’ in the dirt!

This running poem was written by a local Bend runner who always shows up at FootZone events and Superfit Races with a big smile on her face. Jill captured SuperDave spot on. This poem is a great reminder of why we are so lucky to live and run in Central Oregon with a strong running community. 

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