Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Perfect Compression for You

By Ali Halpin

Maybe you have been thinking about trying compression or maybe you own some and know of its magical powers. Either way we have all debated over whether to get socks or sleeves when buying compression. Well fear not as I am here to walk you through your different compression options and choose which will suit your needs best. First off, we offer several different compression options from CEP; the Dynamic Sock, The Run Sock and the Calf Sleeve. So which is best for you?

I am looking for something I can train and race in:
Your best options are the calf sleeve or the dynamic sock, or better yet, both! The calf sleeve gives you the option to wear your favorite sock while still reaping the benefits of compression. The Dynamic sock is a great option for those who run warm or don’t like having something all the way to their knee. You can combine the Calf Sleeve and the dynamic sock to make a great recovery combo.

I am looking for something for recovery or travel:
The Run sock or dynamic socks are your best options. These socks are designed to move more blood from the foot. When we are resting or traveling we are often sedentary and the blood begins to pool in our feet. Socks are your best option for recovery and/or travel.

I need something for everyday and work:
All 3 of these products are viable choices. The first question I would ask myself if you have a more sedentary job or are someone who is on their feet all day. If you are sedentary I would go with the Dynamic or Run socks.  If you are someone who is on their feet all day it is really up to you. Personally I like the calf sleeve because it allows you the option to wear sandals or dress shoes.

If you have more questions on Compression please stop in to FootZone and we will be happy to help you find the style and size the best suits your needs. 

Calf Sleeve
Run Sock
Dynamic Sock 

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