Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two Thumbs Up!

The 11 mile Dirty Half Training Group got a big seal of approval from the crowd of roughly 62 people who ran the loop. Well at least 62 people signed the waiver. All seemed to have fun running on this mild morning in Central Oregon. I definitely felt like 11 miles was plenty of distance for me especially after lumbering my way through the Salmon run yesterday. Despite some wobbly legs I had a great time and was stoked to see another big crowd out there putting in some miles.

We are still on alternate routes due to snow but that is changing with each day that passes. Word on the street says the canyon is nearly runnable but still needs some time. I am hopefully going to get some time to go check out the trail this week to see if we can start running on the actual course to get everyone used to the starting climb of the race.

Next weekend is a twelve miler on Mother's day so husbands better have breakfast ready after mom puts in some quality time on the trails.

Thanks to all who came out,


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