Saturday, May 3, 2008

Salmon Run 08

Salmon Run 08:
Good on all of you who made it out for the Salmon Run this morning. The results are on our website. Over 400 of you participated again this year conquering either the 5k or 10k course. Many thanks to the Environmental Center for another good event. There's always a strong contigent of the XC Oregon crowd out for this run reminding us all that you can be a fast runner even when you do more skiing than running. Lots of great performances on a morning that was great for running but a little cool for hanging out too long after. One of the non-running highlights was watching the Osprey drag someting back to its nest during the awards. Easily half the crowd was following the flight. The pics above are 1. the crowd hearing the awards and raffles 2. Tonya and Geof 3. Katie and Jen 4. Sam in front, Hannah (in the backpack) Tami and Amy hanging at the FZ tent. Thanks to Tonya and Amy for being there so Dave and I could run. See you at the 11 mile Dirty Half training run in the morning. Cheers-Teague

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