Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Compression Socks

Why does the Footzone carry compression socks? Ask Richard Arnold. Richard, a long-time customer and friend is now sporting a few pair of CEP Compression Sportsocks. Richard is also an Ironman triathlete and distance runner. We had considered bringing in compression socks for a while. With a little research and Richard’s enthusiastic feedback, we decided to go with CEP. CEP claims that the increase in leg circulation leads to an increase in performance. Wearing their socks, they say, will help you run quicker, run easier, recover quicker, feel better. Being a little skeptical, we hounded Richard about why we should carry these at the FootZone. He felt as an experienced athlete, they have helped him perform better. He also emphasized the circulation and blood flow benefits, likes the support and feels they reduce leg fatigue. He has tested them out at the Crater Lake and Haulin’ Aspen half marathons, Sunrise to Summit and a century ride. In fact, he would rather not take them off. The only drawback is the price. At $60 a pair, they are definitely not your average pair of socks. If you are participating in endurance events, flying back from a destination marathon or struggle with circulation issues, they might be worth a try. Thanks for all the feedback, Richard. Cheers-Tonya

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