Sunday, March 29, 2009

Horse Butte 2009

This morning was brisk SE of town for the first official FootZone event of the year. Thanks to SuperDave for another year of "kicking it Eastside". The Horse Butte 10 Miler evolved from "SuperDave's Horse Ridge 10 1/2 Miler". That run happened only once, back in probably 2000 or 2001, and climbed Golden Butte out East of town. Some permit hassles encouraged SD to let it go for a few years and then came back with an Eastside run in the Horse Butte 10 Miler. This has remained a low key, fun run and Oregon Natural Desert Association benefit. Hopefully everyone knows that along with all FZ events, this is not a money making endeavor for us. Every cent that doesn't go to timing, porta potties, Oregon Country beef hot dogs or beer goes directly to ONDA. It's fun and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves despite that biting wind. Special thanks to Gary, Mary, Justin, Roger, Amy, Tracy, Jodi and Andy Barram and family for all their volunteer help and to Kathy Harshburger for the really cool custom hats that she made. Click HERE for results.

Side notes

1) Oregon Country Beef hot dogs are really good. These are my son's favorite and not your typical nasty hot dogs folks. I convinced at least a couple people to try these today who hadn't eaten beef in a while and they were both a little smitten. I know you can get them at Newport Market but not sure where else. Don't look at the nutritional information on them as it might scare you away. Remember, that extra fat is just stored energy. Roger, good luck with the cholesteral test tomorrow.

2) Thanks for all the kind words of thanks out there today. Not every event is for every person and Horse Butte has a character all it's own. Glad so many like it for what it is.

3) Will we ever have a settled weather day for Horse Butte? It might almost be a disappointment if we do. Another year with a little white.
4) Exciting news for us all this week with the Congressional Bill that includes the Badlands and Spring Basin Wilderness Designation finally making it through both Houses of Congress. Thank you and congratulations to ONDA and all who have spent so much time making this happen.
5) Look for a Horse Butte video from our co-worker Chris soon. He was out there taking shots today and it will be fun to see what he came up with


Stanley said...

Another awesome race and post-race event folks! And how can those dogs (the ones you eat) be topped?? Glad I brought a windproof jacket for the post race party, should be a requirement at this race... Just in case it's this cold each year. I don't know about anyone else, but it took me a bit of time to warm up on Sunday.

Let the trail running season begin!


Pure Ingredients said...

My first Horse Butte 10 Miler. Loved it! Sorry I didn't partake of a dog. I will know next year. Thanks for a great time.

Ahna said...

Thanks Dave for a another cold and fun run. It is always great to run with friends and freeze our buns (not just those hot dogs). Ahna Jura