Monday, September 22, 2008

Braggin' on the Bookkeeper at Bigfoot

FootZone has many layers and one of them is keeping the books so everyone from our vendors to the employees get paid. Taking on that task is our very own Melanie Mangin. She taps away at her little laptop and keeps it all straight so Teague can keep buying shoes and Jenny can keep buying clothes. Well, this weekend Melanie took 2nd in her age group at Bigfoot and ran a blazing 45:41. We knew she was organized and a great person, but had no idea she was so stinkin' speedy. Good Job, Melanie! Fyi- if she looks familiar, she's been in this community for years and owned the Pilot Butte Drive In up until about a year ago.


Steve said...

She is also know as "The Trim Runner". The Bulletin referred to her as such, in an article about the Pilot Butte Drive in.

fzcrew said...

I love that