Monday, September 29, 2008

Xterra and Pilot Butte Challenge

Good Monday morning after another event strewn Central Oregon weekend! It was a fun weekend at the FZ kicked off by packet pick up for Xterra on Friday. SuperDave and I were in the loop with Xterra from the start and cringed a little when it became clear they really wanted the course to start and end in the Old Mill (yes, we're spoiled). We might have even chuckled at the thought of it being the "Trail Running National Championships" (says who?). But, in the end, I have nothing but good things to say about the Xterra crew and this new event that they brought to Central Oregon. Obviously, it was fun to watch Max win and Kami and Lisa have great races (Lisa was fighting a sinus infection and Kami's running pdx marathon next weekend so I'm not sure either was in top form). Great to see Amanda Root, Katie Caba, Maureen Schlerf, Eddie Lacy, Mark Ryan, Don Hildebrand, and Jon Keston as age group champions. Nice that a few fast locals have a little extra money in the bank (or buried in their backyard) this morning. But I also need to rave a little about the professionalism, good nature, and enthusiasm of all the Xterra folks. We spent many hours with them on Friday and they took great care of the runners whether they traveled from Atlanta or lived in Bend. All in all, they are good people and they put on a reasonable, quality event that drew folks from all over the nation. Plus, they benefitted COTA, bent over backwards to embrace rather than overshadow the Pilot Butte Challenge the next day, and they had a cool Xterra Semi. Their marketing occasionally felt like a bit much to all of us but in my mind, they did what they said they'd do and I applaud them. This will happen again next year so start training now if you like. 21k results 10k results 5k results

As for the Pilot Butte Challenge, I was able to participate and man, that thing hurts. It's hard to hide from one mile straight up. This is a classic, low key Cental Oregon event. If you've never participated, you should put it on the calendar the last weekend in September. You might just find a new max heart rate and you'll certainly get re-acquainted with your lungs. Thanks to State Parks for putting it together again this year. Good on Mike Olsen for taking the top honors. So many great performances, but I have to call out Piper and Jake McDonald since they're both fast as heck and former students of my wife, Tami. Also, impressive to see 92 year old Bill Lauderback moving fast and defying our concepts of aging. Here's a link to the results

Cheers -Teague

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