Monday, September 22, 2008

Bigfoot wrap up- Thank you Amy!

Another beautiful running day for the Bigfoot 10k. This is a great, downhill course that always makes us all feel at least a little bit fast. Plus, it's the longest standing running event in Central Oregon. I was the Bigfoot race director from 2003-2005. When I stepped aside, Amy Clark was good enough to take it on. She put in here 3 years and now she too is going to hand over the Bigfoot reigns. So, thank you Amy for keeping this great event thriving. Lucky for us, Dan and Kathy Harshburger are going to take their turn at the helm. So, for years to come, you can look forward to bringing out your go fast shoes on an autumn morning to see how quick your legs can carry you. Pictures are 1. Amy finishing her job 2. Brad Bond flying the fz colors 3. 2nd place finisher Mark Ryan 4. 2nd place woman MaryPrimrose (note that her coffee is actually spilling in the picture) 5. CORK secretary Jeanine Faria working the finish line. Cheers to all-teague

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