Monday, November 12, 2007

New Tread

Well, at long last the FootZone has a treadmill. We've debated this move for years and shared the sentiment of many respected NW running stores that a treadmill isn't the magic component to get folks in the right shoes. But, alas, we've decided that it will be a fun tool and if nothing else it will make it easier on rainy days like today. We intended to have it last spring but pushed it to this slower time of year so we can get very comfortable with our new toy before the busy spring and summer hit. We'll shy away from calling it a "gait analysis" tool as that treads in the realm of the medically trained. Instead we'll use it for shoe evaluations and as an opportunity for customers to take some strides on a potential shoe. The set up will ultimately allow us to feed video to a monitor in front of the treadmill. That way we can record and put it in slow motion or make you look really fast or whatever you want. Look for SuperDave and Chris on a slow day at the shop shooting scenes for a future BendFilm short. Come check out the new toy or be sure and wave if you see us in their before or after hours getting a little workout in. I spent some time at Pacific City this weekend and got out for a pretty spectacular trail run at Cascade Head. The trailheads are right on 101 and not well marked from the road but easy to find if you're looking. Some pretty hilly, tough running but a great change from the occasionally monotonous beach run. Cheers-Teague

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