Monday, November 5, 2007

virgin blogger

Thanks for checking out the footzonebend blog. Hard to say what this will be but we'll talk shoes and running and general Central Oregon lore. Tomorrow is Taco Stand Tuesday on the noon run. You come with a few bucks for your burrito, go for a run and when you get back to the fz it's waiting for you so you can get back to work or do whatever you do. Maybe someday when I find my really comfortable blogging shoes I'll rant about why the Taco Stand represents all that's right about Central Oregon. until then-Teague ps... the pic is the bulk of the fz crew after our 5th annual caravan to the Macdonald Forest 15k trail run in Corvallis. Oct. 28, 2007

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AmyWritesInBend said...

Nice work Teague, this is great. Now I'm curious about how the Taco Stand represents all things good about Central Oregon....would love to see you elaborate on that.

Keep it up - I can't wait to read more.