Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Winter is on

Well after a sputtering start it looks like winter has finally hit Central Oregon. The trails are a little snowy and the mountain is getting hammered. I did my first ski skate of the winter this past Sunday (Ouch). It was a touch soggy due to a warm front that moved in and poured rain on us for the hour I endured. But it was fun to hit something different and give the old body a rest from running or sitting on the couch. Both activities I frequently participate in. I even broke out the bike trainer to get some exercise while my son is napping. It is really not that bad of a workout and it is over quick, mostly due to my tremendous fitness level. What's fun is while riding the trainer I pretend that I am doing a race or group ride where people are actually slower than me, which never happens in real life. Winter is a great time to mix up the exercise a little and try new things. So try to get out and enjoy all of what living here has to offer this winter.

Peace out,

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