Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flagline 50K Wrap-up

Results are here

I think if you asked the participants at the inaugural Flagline 50K, most all would say it was a great success. The weather was perfect, not too cold at the start, pleasant on the course, and warm at the finish. The course itself was pretty spectacular highlighted by some extensive time on Flagline and Metolius but even FS road 370 was nice. The course was all runable (doesn't mean we ran it all) but plenty challenging with some good climbs up Flagline and out of Happy Valley on Metolius Windigo. Colleen from FZ took over the aid stations and did it in style. She rallied an amazing group of volunteers and had a full spread of food and essentials to keep all the runners fueled (see cowgirl aid station picture)

There was a course issue for the first 12 runners near the end as a volunteer thought the course was marked wrong and sent them down toward Todd Lake instead of back up to the Flagline connector. Obviously, a very unfortunate turn of events, but it was an honest mistake. Fortunately, the runners were very gracious and basically worked out the finishing results along with the folks at USATF. SuperDave did his best to make it right by refunding those were led off course and comping their entry for next year. Fortunately, 80% of the runners (myself included) weren't effected since they got it figured out.

Overall, I come away very appreciative for the time that Dave and all the volunteers put in to make this possible. It's a huge undertaking and lots of hours out there waiting so a bunch of us can go out and test ourselves. 50K is a long way and I'm impressed with everyone out there. Good fun. Thank you and Congrats -Teague


George said...

I had a great race, thank you guys for putting it on!

I passed a couple of mountain bikers on Metolius-Windigo trail who suggested that next year there be warning signs at the trailheads to let the bikers know there was a footrace on the trails.

Scott Dunlap said...

T -

Nice sub-5 hour finish!

I took some photos during the run - you are welcome to any of them.

fzcrew said...

George- Thanks and nice work out there. Just so you know, dave did post signs (see at this link:)!/photo.php?pid=5075001&id=552514827&ref=fbx_album
at all trailheads. Fortunately all the mt.bikers I came across were more than happy to share the trail. Sorry you caught a couple grumbly folks.
Scott- Thanks for all the pics and nice write up on the run. I could barely put one foot in front of the other so especially impressed that you took all those great pics. Cheers-Teague