Friday, September 10, 2010

Just get out the door

This morning I get to steal a few hours for a long run up in the mountains. Part last long run before the Flagline 50K, part just taking the opportunity before the snow flies. The summer came late and feels like it's leaving early but that's how it usually goes in our High Desert home. I love fall and have no problem with the cold mornings and unsettled weather but it does make it a little harder to motivate. This is that time of year where I'm happy to have years of running in my body so I know to just get out the door. Just get out the door and you'll be happy you did, you'll remember there's no bad weather, just wrong clothes. Just get out the door... and have fun. Cheers-Teague


kcaba said...

Thanks for getting me out the door yesterday! So worth the last mile or two of pain while trying to hang with you. Such a great run.

fzcrew said...

Thank You, Katie! Map is up so check it out. Sure would be fun to have you and Jeff out there for the inaugural year of Flagline.