Friday, May 21, 2010

Wild Canyon Games June 4~6

If anyone has ever been interested in participating in a geocaching event the WILD CANYON GAMES will be help on JUNE 4-6. It's a 7 member team event and they are looking for key athletes that can represent Bend and that will bring back the word to the community how AWESOME this event is!!

There are over 400 athletes from the Northwest signed up, but not very many from Bend and they have a free spot for a runner ($400 VALUE- ROOM, BOARD, EVENT & CONCERT on Saturday Night). If you're interested the local team needs to fill the spot ASAP- so if you know of anyone that would be great, or even runners that know how to geocache, they need 2 more geocachers/runners too!!

If you're intertested please call or email Nancy at the contact info below. She emailed me this morning and needs to fill the spot immediately. Here's the website for more info: Check out the video too... Uff dah!! Good times.

Nancy's contact information is:
Nancy J. Hackbarth
2514 NW Goodwillie Ct
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 390-8379

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