Monday, May 17, 2010

INOV-8 Wear Testing Tomorrow

If you're interested in trying out some Inov-8’s tomorrow night, here’s the skinny:

This is for folks who are interested in purchasing a pair of Inov-8’s. The whole idea is that Inov-8’s really are a little different than other shoes so this will give you that chance to try them out before you buy. If you try them and don’t like them, we get to send them off to Inov-8 for wear testing. If you try them and do like them, you buy them and enjoy your new shoes. We want everyone to try the shoes but out of respect for Inov-8, we ask that you do so in good faith.

If you are interested, try to be at FootZone around 5:15 to get sized up and ready to go. Stock is limited so first come, first serve. We're doing this in conjunction with the Tuesday workout but you don't have to do the workout in order to try the shoes. You can just go for a run if you'd rather.

Plus… We’ll have some Inov-8 goodies and a pair of shoes to raffle off. YeeHaw!!!

We have several different styles including…

Talon 212 – This thing is super light with great traction and a surprising amount of cushioning (for how light it is). Great minimalist trail shoe, trail racing shoe or TPG Drake Park shoe. Built on the Inov-8 2 arrow midsole which is the lowest, lightest one they offer. This is Teague’s favorite and gaining traction as possibly the premier minimalist trail shoe out there.

Roclite 295 - You get a touch more shoe here (83 grams more to be exact). The 295 is built on the 3 arrow midsole giving it a little more protection under foot. It has the sticky rubber outsole and a more accommodating fit in the forefoot. Lots of folks could use the 295 as a lighter trail option, an everyday trail runner, or a racing shoe.

Roclite 268- This is the women’s fit of the shoe above. Most of Inov-8’s shoes are unisex so it’s good that they came out with a women’s specific option.

Terroc 330 – Our beefiest Inov-8, the 330 is still pretty low to the ground and nimble but has a lot of protection underfoot. This is a great running shoe for many and doubles as a solid hiker for the low profile, nimble crowd.

F-Lite 220 - This is basically the same as the 212 but with a different outsole. Unfortunately, Inov-8 is out of stock in this shoe so our sizes are a little spotty but it’s one to keep in mind if you want a minimalist offering without aggressive tread or a great low profile workout shoe.

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