Friday, November 19, 2010

Dirty Half Course preview

Right now it looks like the weather will be permitting a course preview on the new Dirty Half course this Sunday morning at 9am. It will also permit you to wear your warm gloves, hat and jacket since it's going to be cold. We will meet at BreedLove Guitar which is the building directly south of the Summit High School track.
Two options on distance. Either do the whole course, or if you'd rather, there is a simple way to make it 10 miles instead of 13.1 (we'll share that on Sunday morning). We hope some of you will brave the cold and join us. If we do by chance get a lot of snow, check this blog for updates. See you there.

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Ron Deems said...

This is a nice transition from the old course. There are plenty of different trails that provide a technical run and energy management as some of the hills hit pretty hard on the quads followed by slight downhill leading to the next up. Last several miles are gently downhill and if you have the energy can be a great kick to the final parks and rec trail to the road. The last section of road looks to be downhill or flat, but then becomes a gradual hill to the finish. The finish area will be great with Beer and food. Can't wait for June 2011!