Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up!

A few shout outs this Monday morning--

First off, nice work to all who participated in the Redmond's Dry Canyon run! It sounds like it was a fun event. The results are posted at

We also wanted to congratulate Max King for his performance this past weekend in Gorham, New Hampshire for the USA Mountain Running Championships. Max came in 5th overall in a challenging course which ran 7.6 miles from the base of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, up an "unrelenting 12 percent grade to the 6,288-foot summit!"

Finally, a great job to Bendites Jeff Browning and Ashley Nordell in completing Wyoming's Bighorn 100 mile race. Jeff was 3rd overall with a time of 20hrs. 34 mins, and Ashley was the 1st female with a time of 23hrs 49 mins. Wow! It gives me a sideache and blisters on my feet just thinking about it!

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