Monday, January 19, 2009

Horse Butte & Horse Ridge - Giddyup!

I'm sure we all can conclude that we were teased by the gorgeous weather last week making us question whether or not this really is January... And, with exception to the inversion we had on Saturday, Sunday and part of today.. which was a staunch reminder that yep, we're still in the trenches of winter, it can't be denied that we've sure been spoiled by an abundance of sunshine lately!! If you haven't received your fix of Vitamin D and you've yet to venture east of town now wouldn't be a bad time. Tonya and Geoff reported that Horse Butte was awesome on Sunday with only a few spots of mud-- plus, March 29th is rapidly approaching for the Horse Butte 10 miler. Even further east, Amy and I escaped to Horse Ridge and although we were mountain biking we were awed by how perfect the trails were- not to mention the view of the snow-capped peaks to the west from the top of Horse Ridge. With all the amazing trail conditions right now it's hard for for me not to mention that our shipment of the Mizuno Wave Ascend 4 arrived a little over a week ago. The concensus around the shop has been positive-- with a more aggressive outsole and re-tooled upper we're pretty excited to get your opinion. Lastly, we received a mountain of Brooks "Cascading" off the shelves and I have to share this photo of all the boxes...I took this shot looking down from the"No Step" top of the ladder in our stock room which is about 14 feet off the ground. Hooray for Brooks!!! If you've yet to read Teague's review of the new Cascadia check out his blog entry. So, enjoy the trails and keep running!

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