Sunday, January 4, 2009

Many Asses

Yesterday was the Bad Ass, Tight Ass, Huge Ass and Numb Ass Fun Run East of the Badlands Wilderness Study Area. The distances are 50k, 22 mile, 13 mile, and 9 mile respectively. I went out with Jill G. and ran the 9 mile before heading in for a day of fitting shoes at the shop. It was a beautiful, cold morning. The footing was good, there was no wind and the mountains were glowing in the distance. Not a bad start to a Saturday. About 50 people spread themselves out over the distances. The 9 miler is also know as the Super Slacker Super Dave 9 miler. You'll see Josh wearing the SD shirt in honor (Dave's in North Dakota with his Dad on a little huntin trip). This is a great winter loop so keep it in mind if you don't mind some hills and a little drive East to run on the dirt. Thanks to Jeff and Sean for putting this together and Kathy for the delicious beer bread I was snacking on at the end. Cheers-Teague

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