Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is finally here!

Many descended on Farewell Bend Park this morning for a New Years Run. It was windy and the trail was seriously slick but good to gather, get a run in, and drink some cocoa. The wind really started to pick up soon after and blew the treats around. Interesting weather day to bring in '09.

We took the day off today at the FootZone as we have every New Year's Day since we opened. However, we will open up again tomorrow since that's what we do, and have to face the fact that we might be unemployable outside of the shop. Turns out we'll have two less options for downtown eats in the New Year. Deep and Merenda weren't exactly our typical lunch spot but its sad to know that a few more jobs are gone and spaces will be empty. Lot's of folks are wondering what this means for downtown? I'd guess we'll end up with some other businesses downtown and they likely won't be high end restaurants. Rents are getting more reasonable and downtown's a beautiful, vibrant place, so don't give up on it just yet. Some would say that Merenda's opening was the beginning of a shift in Bend. I'm not sure what its closing says about the current direction in Bend, but it sure feels like another shift. It might not be a bad thing. At least maybe we can stop talking about the downtown parking "problem". Happy New Year-Teague

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